Every replica prophet alias messiah sent on earth, rebirth of better governance,

Divine gladiator lodging crusade with combat by reforming minimal subsistence;

There is divine and pragmatic energy in human, but, sparingly in use now a days,

It labels an eccentric, when human easy in situation become foe yet volley a rays;

One must care  innovation in Batool a messiah par excellence silhouette prophet,

Where sweat and blood of deprived masses consume in gutter for monetary profit;

Revolutionize entire chattels be sweet, one must see the globe one never had seen,

Transforming shall not come if one waits and seek some one for revolution green;

Nation in dare need as had been waiting for messiah bring revival by “Virtuous,”

Batool if you don’t change the direction! Heaps fallout enshrouded pang tortuous;

You shall end up without achieving destined goal, a debacle sarcast a bleak future,

Ultimately novelty find its own way, Alexander left bare world, ordinary creature;  

Neutrality must be state where lots have an access to a bread, clothing and house,  

All the precincts made up of corruption must be dissolved by a butchery of mouse;

If humanity does not go for for uprightness we shall never be the supreme nation,

Now, there is the fabulous vital reality that messiah sought not just an innovation;

Two roads diverged in a wood opt the one less travelled before not neglect abroad,

Intellects called cream of nation being sucked by great powers, exit masses broad;

Thy is an blend of valor, bold, pious, neutral, upright and clear-cut godly messiah,

Superlative being not scared and at the altar of her life, Ordain and sent by Allah;

Thoughts are more vital than succumbing to at the ape Bloody Mary, call  rulers,

Vested rights awareness out be imparted during ideas by a hard brute crusaders;

Humankind is but canvas to our mind’s eye canopy when unity holds us together,

Like stars in the firmament by ties inseparable under heavenly system like armor;

These ties cannot be subjected to giveaway divine chains as Ordained by the God,

Our tie inevitable before birth but thy not yet aware Zaffar shall die not foxglove.





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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