Is any conscience aware of “Live-music-Instrument” auto sing before birth,

Playing music amidst room’s pith shadowy by upbeat devoid of any dearth;

Pumping blood to various parts of body including love struck broken heart,

Lost in bewilderedness blindfolded for selfless one-sided love uncouth, smart;

Independent of emotions, sentiments, gloom, stress strain and doomed pang,

As night snail by time-consuming monitored by God, heart magnetism tang;

Ooh! I hope it won’t be at brim of closing stages till now I got on my own skip,

Away from reality, as never conscious of caring sanctity of love astonishing slip;

Meet to deliver my proposal of being in love with her, but, it chills me to bone,

Loves you mercifully with self esteem volunteer paschal affirm oath, die alone;

Nerves reach flashpoint mute cause each ignorance stimuli shear myelin sheath,

Alas! How to get you alone in my open eye dreams all alone in dark bequeath;

I fell in love before you got born to touch my messiah’s lips gentle nexus cyclone,

Hold you tight but fear leak my love may vulnerable you defame unless alone;

Hibernation of secret still remain alive however at the verge of getting buried,

 If so! My name shall get erased thereto no one left to wail, moan and worried;

Till now, always got on my own nexus a fish without water whirling in entwine,

Life is name of positive thrash about but love drifts away one’s entity in ravine;

Wished Batool! We sitting on your rooftop staring at skies in eachother eyes,

Sun was plunging lesser when I got drowned in your hazelnut gorgeous allies;

You saw me dipping ebb deep in depth of your eyes, afford time for our meet,

Why can’t we solidify this moment to save you scot free from world’s fast cheat;

Zaffar’s life nexus Houbara Bustard without you, when shall you realise reap,

Proclaim eternally yours property, can sell me at will I shall not forever weep.






Batool got enthused with open heart in old owl sitting on an oak,

Symbolic beacon of wisdom in West and bad omen in East a joke;

An observant in depth with an unwrap mind visualize the human,

Understood to exist super humanbeing beyblading extreme arson;

The owl sit taciturn with seduced eyes man not conscious of being,

Photograph by a zoom of eyes impacted at grey matter still aching;

Life render us confusion, what we pang for reciprocate frightening

Pardon? We owe doesn’t satiety, hope and pray be victim lightening;

I’m sorry? We expect never takes place and hate remain berceuse us,

Hopes and prays beyblade whole entity, wail, moan and pang thus;

Ignorance beacon emit implied consent not refute love aftermath;

Burst with charge during anger is upbeat signal nay does bloodbath;

Even, animal are not free from love instinct young lioness seek Pride,

Pride lion who fought more battles for territory and winning bride;

Tracing smell to reach self captivated Pride lion seek share interact,

Male ought to be daring, bold, valor and gladiator to counter react;

Struggling fish when thrown in pool invariably survives not adorer,

True, honest and divine lover yields to an “Ignorance paschal” altar;

Zaffar hears the tick of clock synchronizing pounding a heartbeat,

Lying alone in captivated dark room nexus living vegetable offbeat;

Wonder where have you got lost? Not had an iota glimpse on zoom,

My nights nightmare, days gloom and rest remain haunted in room.


Colourless is water, so does life of Zaffar since make hue, cry and weep just born,

Body encapsulate soul wander abysmally to find a fated nexus soul save for torn;

Underwent miseries of all natures and categories at the hands of those benefitted,

Orthodox disciple of dogma of fixing back of hand facing sky reciprocated acrid;

Besieged by only recipient nexus Scorpio sting beholders palm to save life—saint,

Said,” Scorpio has trait to sting! Man divine duty to hoard!” free of a complaint;

Divine maxim, “Everybody has three fathers in one’s life nexus respect,”  similar,

Man preferred pick and choose by financial reservation dipping deep dissimilar;

One who afford fatherhood, one who taught in lama meter and yield better half,

Tender category is that of teacher, even, by one random word ample to a laugh;

No gentleman exceeds covert and overt vigour cause it an slur to very humanity,

Living within one’s four corners is divine lest recipient’s immune susceptibility;

Creator never shackle soul into bounded labour as born devoid of the handcuff,

A good observer shall treat all and sundry on his own mirror image not a rough;

Deliverance of sarcastism in the garb betterment of others specially own teacher,

Synonymous culpable crime, a divine and pragmatic sin, when student preacher;

I’m sorry? Felony of counsel! Impart lesson to one’s teacher emits sinful device,

Coerce upon uncalled for improving an academic and social norms is but a vice;

Forgetting maxim, “Dweller of glass castle avoid stoning shelter of one in a hut.”

Lion lives with deliverance esteem, honour and Chastity to a teacher cat respect;

As one sows, so does one reap, son took his senile father to get drowned in canal,

A fragile voice stuck,” don’t throw me here, I droned my father lest you paschal;

In police case of rape victim, consent of victim ought be taken by a Dr under law,

Whereas in “Sarcast-Rape” why authority not taken before act of bullshit draw;

No such provision exist in hierarch and acquire flux to assault unabated outrage,

So is the case raping of nation usurping sweat and blood of masses by curettage;

Infidelity rope has infinitive length but disdainfulness mean upside down destiny,

Academic education boast devoid of social culture is pitfall of one’s self mutiny;

Alas! Zaffar born enwrapped in Batool during wrong era as virtuous is nowhere,

Good righteous, worth, honorable and neutral values are neither here nor there.



“Justice delayed is justice denied!”universal reckoned maxim since annals,

As justice denied is murder of Ordain of God, dump in dead blind tunnels;

“Justice rushed is justice crushed” by pick and choose criterion infect aqua,

Lotus eater was used for Chinese of pre Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai era;

An aquatic plant native to south Asia and Australia having an adverse effect,

Elite ruler trait of “Robber” and “Horse-shoe-makers” cannibal lots, defect;

Big leaved, fragrant, pinkish flowers and broad rounded perforated seedpod,

Results in perforation of deliverance of justice abysmally in a limbo gnawed;

Edible seeds, leaf or rhizome of plant represent array of lotus plant, classical,

Sculpture, architecture or art, fruit of ibid plant nexus justice philosophical;

Plant bears a fruit, jujube and white lotus induce forgetfulness and a dreamy,

Enwrought justice on all fours cause obedient to pay roll act puppet creamy;

Benazir Bhutto got misconceived by term,”Kingro Courts “get martyrdom,

Lotus eater Nation underwent revival by upright leaders not archive album;

Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping were full of superlative caliber,

Zhou Enlai born in aristocratic kin not horse-shoe-maker hunt at poor alter;

Drawn! Vortex of Chinese politics during May the 4th revolutionary movement;

Dhadna or emplace is not the solution through long march yield bereavement;

Revolution is the only solution to corruption, deprivation and starvation of all,

Where Courts succumb to elite as “she’; for poor masses as “he” signpost tall;

Choosing delegate by election prerogative 0f “Deaf Master” listens with money,

Studded his deeds on his way, one day, to God the Mighty having lot of algae;

Long rally by Tahir-ul-Qadri fell prey to reservation but natural deflate march,

Had Imran Khan an Acumenship of political trickstering wouldn’t have torch;

Suo moto lost its! Getting crushed under feet of, “Pay-Roll-Elephant” let down,

Heavy shoes sign of refuge classically behaved nexus succumb elites clampdown;

Messiah Batool busy in chirping abysmal in the garden of “Righteous-Neutrality”,

Nero kept on playing flute while Rome was burning, building new model Rome, 

Zaffar’s wail, moan and weeping shall not revolutionize his love suffers syndrome.





Million dollars question! Can there be anything more tortuous than ignorance?

Last grade cancer undergoing Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Akins patience;

Divinity, Spirituality, Virtuous, Righteous and straightforward amalgamate adore,

All getting absorbed in human transform as messiah infusing ethical norm restore;

Divine grading Ordain by God into prophets, Imam Mahdi (RA), messiah ant saint,

Messiah exhibits divinity covertly, solely diagnosed by diehard worshiper acquaint;

God confer honour of messiah on Batool, delivering lesson of parity and neutrality,

Water having no colour, acquire that colour messiah puts in is the scientific reality;

Zaffar out of mere simplicity fell prey to sermon of a “neutral stance” through love,

Messiah unable to diagnose beyblading trickstering mischievous roughish foxglove;

If inspite of die heat love to one’s special one victims of legatee constant ignorance,

Must not to curse one’s heart for falling in love with fairy backfire a virus cadence;

I feel foolproof safety in Batool’s heart still covert, my heart keeps on with a throb,

Not realising my entity stood mislaid in her domain, besides, my peace acquire rob;

To renovate into recovered life of mine, adoree ought be in breaths till ineradicably,

Each and every at this time, makes conducive breeze by her hands touch credibly;

Nobody can deny factum of something panging in her tender heart run up and fro,

My fingers playing through her curly and fascinating hair render my entity hollow;

Both of us by accepted wisdom planning for share interaction yield of fructify days,

Getting lost in each other’s entities merger to one unit with emission of bright rays;

Voyaging from pillar to post all corners of unconquered virgin yet to be discovered,

Lonely canopy to hide our mutual palpation, pulsation, throb and pang recovered;

Each one believing that love never dies but the body perish being ruled by live soul,

Never shall come that moment as adorer set handicap cause “Age cleavage” mole.



Bravo! for successful mission pegging “divinity flag” on land astronomia,

Through bar made of neutrality! Masses casualty, psychosomatic mania;

God sends prophets and messiahs for resurgence of rotten adapt human,

Batool zilch but quantitative virtuous scavenge disorder up to the lumen;

Impart worth of a moral, upright, honest, righteous and straightforward,

Not followers liable to catastrophe via cruel bloodshed recede backward;

Civilization recede back to stone age as being done by USA while drones,

Massacring innocent public of Muslim world as a preemptive syndromes;

Your own land once heart of paradise conducive to invaders by gateway,

Well come them by open heart, hug, embrace and put around a garland,

As invaders evicted by defeat, Punjab calm offer them spouse, far-land;

Subcontinent met division to have Muslim fusion, west and east Pakistan,

Kashmir, Hyderabad, Junagardh and Manawader usurp by Hindustan;

Both Wings of Pakistan were in harmony, tranquility peace and equality,

Military-racy and Bureaucracy in complicity usurp rule and bias reality;

Uncle Sam planed to take a revenge of its U-2 spy jet from a Black Bear,

Destroyed USSR’s economic back through Mujahedeen, imbalance tear;

Label Russia a risk for Islamic dogma, by dint of set free Stringer missile,

Got enwrought with catalog motive, drove all Muslims in absolute exile;

“One day’s life of lion better than thousand days jackal’s life!”as maxim,

Tipu Sultan, Mysore stay upright, straightforward and Batool into aegis;

Socrates principle hinder as elite rulers usurp power in barter blackmail;

Trait of “Horse-she-maker “in open barter operate parallel corrupt mail;

God sent Batool as messiah to correct smog moral neutrality renaissance,

Except me no other conscious of her messiah mini prophet s, stop flaunts;

One jiffy zoomed on live screen felt having come across predestined soul,

Spark of lightening! Fell in love by her straightway, but. Suffered a mole;

Beyond my scope an appraisal to her than one awaiting in God’s Ordain,

Communication is otherwise good with ignorance by flat omen coxswain;

My love astray beyblading in sky fate to Astronomia planet, come home,

If my contention divine, ought to leap into my tender arms…..airdrome;

Fairies alien sculpture have easy access bisecting the sky to safe heaven,

Nay realise our ordained souls ought reunion here not burning in oven;

Batool! Who says revolution waited in Pakistan? Convict free from fear,

Daughters of Eve deprived of chastity and children of Adam attain tear;

Politicians are cool, gladiators in garrison are devoid of ordinary sense,

Poverty superimpose the poor masses analogous to smell of elite essence;

White collar middle class have no instance affording a bloody revolution,

Swollen up in wealth don’t think of valor rather lost in riches estimation;

While nation keeps on sleeping all days and nights berceuse repentance,

Weeping in hierarchy covertly yield fester heart akin castle dependence.




One never attribute a mission, through until to be completed tomorrow,

But, if God Will shall do it, if forget name of God do take, lest a sorrow;

Alas! Zaffar forgot God when fell in love with Batool thereto suffer todate,

Reiterate, God’s remembrance yet fail to have success, her reciprocation,

Have confidence, “My God shall soften heart of Virtuous akin restoration;

Lord has help the lovebirds though not pious, true and divine, except lust,

Love is divine worship, once befallen, never remain unattended and a rust;

Lord has advised more than this, not to indulge in boost up, His attribute,

Each and every breath involuntarily continue praising God by an tribute;

I surrender my entity to avail an access to my love still in return a failure,

She gone astray in graze-stars in the far sky, stale emotion yet not closure;

Pang feat her in one piece instead her outburst mutilate me in thousands,

Certain, she is fully aware of my divine love yet can’t deny love diamonds;

Together we enter umpteen dreams remain conscious of festering pang,

Transform them into reality, succumb to her eyes within hair-divine tang;

Imagine hold you in real! Gentle in my arms, not let you go away from life,

Got you after innumerable rebirths, am left with trivial vigor to pang rife;

Forfeit my ego before my fairy Virtuous, love voyage me to end up return,

Beyblade in quagmire holds my life zero without you mug sick and a burn;

With no reveal of my identity just volunteer to be with you caring chastity,

One whom you forgot in love with since your zip on screen, love is reality;

When I feel down, mention of your name, it lifts me up making by persist,

Losing my potency your adoration rejuvenate me, faith defeats my resist;

Like the moon and stars with alluring be good at, you have me light to see,

Grace, beauty, hazelnut and mango-sliced-sharp eyes be useless if lack me;

Hold me cause my goal is stunning stand lost in your love forget my entity,

Can you hear me calling at your heart? Cause of you going with certainty;

Left with no words to be uttered as searched rescue, in love Encyclopedia,

How much love I owe you when get drowned in your gazelle eyes in aqua;

Know heaven’s worth in your full entity, I reckoned sinner have no access,

Air you breathe is source of my viability and when closed! Eternal recess.





Pierce in ebb, ignite loneliness that love which couldn’t tears out of eyes,

Heard God never burdens in love soul, how taunt my goddess not allies;

To require an Ordained life for adoration, Batool ought be with me here,

At this stage each span of the jiffy altering through flourish our love clear;

Even air cannot deny an existing love between us, thy un aware of Ordain,

Worship her from toenails to playing fingers through scalp hair akin rain;

Both of us plan how excellent it could be, someone speaking, but, unclear,

I crave Virtuous with me if she is also akin, shall die to avail moment rare;

Express her care and defy not I express my love festering here and nearby,

Am aware love is viable only during lovemaking, lest love render me alibi;

She is sentient that love dies, diagnosed by me twittering her eyes outline,

If neither reciprocal nor shared interacted as vested with divine guideline;

Reign well come in my heart, alter to bloodless white sheet, you be reseat,

As I die, alone with empty hands, same sheet be a coffin, death nay repeat;

Lest you extensively wail and moan, don’t delay my burial, who to expect,

Come to forgive sins enable me by poultice of regret, owe you by respect;

Zaffar an orthodox worshiper in endorse chastity and fame nexus mother,

Lessons taught in groom in mother’s lap, had always endorsed by father;

Zooming through screen found a nascent beauty parallel pious and divine,

My sins coerced me to get washed, before reach God, swim in love ravine;

Do implant olive plant on my grave, my darling when cosmetically weeps,

Sprout flower on my grave prosper through watering of her tears sweep;

If she weeps cats and dogs then to console her dig my corpse out, for ash,

My soul shall not bear her going gloom as I forever love her getting slash.





Inna Lillah Wa Inna Alaihaa Rajeoun. God the Almighty keep soul of martyr Zara Aapa in Heaven. Aameen.
Imran, you say of one “Wild-Beast”! Unfortunately, Gen Zia has left Nation with these days. Maxim,”Dragon dies but leaves behind his live teeth!” We have entered the era of Socrates, 407 BC in which he preferred honour in taking brimful cup of poison, Hemlock……reign went in the hands of looters, plunders, thugs and Rasputin belonging to trait of low trait profession people as their intellect never got groomed for “Good Governance” qua cobblers, carpenters and “HORSE-SHOE-MAKERS.”
Under such situations God sends Changes Khan and Halagu Khan to have a blood sweep to get rid of blood suckers. Besides,”To cover a thousand miles, one ought to take one step.”
Don’t you feeling missing of “Change-Train” crusaded by Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri” awaiting one stroke of a hammer on melting iron, specially, when you had concurrence of aims and object enshrined in agenda?
In holy Quran, God Ordians,”I have created you, man, in various tribes, so that, your identity stands established.” In last sermon of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that their is no difference between an Arabian and non-Arabian regarding deeds! Decidedly, which depends on developed “Mental Faculty” not developed in “horse-shoe-makers” ruling elite of present era.
It is never too late,” An army of sheep commanded by Tiger shall win the battle, whereas, an army of tigers commanded by Sheep shall loose the battle.”
It is never too late!!! BRAVO.
If Muhammad-bin-Qasim, hardly sixteen years of age as Commander could defeat Maharajah Dahirr to save the chastity few Muslim women, why, can’t Imran Khan, World Cup winner with developed mental faculty of that caliber required for Prophet hood, forty years, bring renaissance in the nation if not in the World.
Realise !!!!! You have miracle been saved from Ghalib Market Gulberg , an attempt on your life in the garb of an accident,


Life would have been damn uncomplicated had a mirror not ever existed,

Name given to eternal mirror remain Batool reign straightforward persist;

Everyone would have focused the on inner beauty in core of a virgin heart,

Outer shoe piece of one’s entity neither had iota of lust nor ever gone smart;

Characteristics would have lived as trait of humanbeing linchpin a hallmark,

Zaffar would not been deprived up of his worship Virtuous create landmark;

Head gets struck against kick of dejection unabated, if surrenders true love,

Remedy of all pangs lie in joint green signal if consider a man not a foxglove;

Never did say about barter of soul and that “I leave my love for tomorrow,”  

Love befalls two individuals it’s signals getting beacon in eyes not a borrow;

It is the God, Who likes man to say, “If God Will love shall bear sweet fruit!”

I never sought “good-will-gesture” of God falling in love Batool, met uproot;

Alas! If forgotten divine doctrine, would have taken His name during adore,

Victims drowned thereto corpse rescue, am drowned without entity restore;

God is the only Creator of the world Batool! Who confer you a title, messiah,

Am confident, with hope, that my God shall support me in divine love  alma;

My death ensuing to test who shall wail and mourn an innocent human lost,

Only Batool miss being adored selflessly by her predestined soul get aghast.