Love never has a worldly prerogative, but, a divine as defined in volume of sacred and books,

One-sided love seldom survives! Falls victim in the whirlpool of lust like slave maid in hand of crooks;

Two fated souls are sent on earth to get merge into oneness irrespective of cast, age and marital status,

Lest both souls wander abysmally in limbo zooming eachother by infinitive distance cleavage modus;

Tragedy of futile love has become lullaby sung widely, whisper the lips of all and sundry pivot around

Atop pyramid of torture lies ignorance within constant denial, acknowledgement of being loved sound,

Love is Batool, love is Virtuous, love is worship, love is succumb and love is enshrine right of prophets,

We the sinners are unaware of its model and percept datum and victim to our own hearts pang buffet;

Khawaja Ghulam Fareed Shakkerjang, philosopher, poet, priest and saint signpost by beacon circlet;     

Had a nidus of divine love in inner core and wanted to seek consent from saint to enter a divinity flux,

Undergoing strenuous struggle with the blessing of God found a famous pastor to obtain his instructs;

Preacher agreed to impart and permit him divine kingdom provided he holds duty of grazing buffalo,

Graze herd of buffalo by taking them in far-flung field and jungle a prerequisite for divinity borrow;

Fareed accepted the divine barter deal by dint of kind, fostering, devote all time loving through caress,

One day went to his preacher, knocked the door of hut seeking permission to enter apprising progress;

Was told that his devotion, dedication, affection, love and worship assignments, still were in the rear,

Continue his job in selfless manner putting his heart, soul, mind and body into an amalgam endower;

Took his flock of buffalo from pillar to post at the altar of his entity by depleted dress, hair not comb,

After years of untiring struggle with no groan, revisited his saint, knocking the door free of syndrome;

Was asked in a fragile but polite voice to enter his dwelling, Fareed wanted to enter the cottage door,

But, suddenly cried,” Aah! What to do my horn got struck up intermingle into door, how to explore?”

“Fareed your connoisseur still is far off from the flux of a divinity and you must vanish your own self,”

After long period he again went to touch the feet and seek a consent on mentor to get acquainted with,

Flux of divinity to invest with free, worldly affairs, delivering in selfless serve, the humanity forthwith;

Reached the hut, sought a permission to get in; Got reply, “Get in Fareed! You’ve fulfilled the mission.

On entering the hut, found his priest was lying silent on broken bed speaking clear without remission;

There and then Fareed went in concussion thereto crowned with divinity bestowed through a transfer,

Its other way round currently! Descendent of Syed dynasty Zaffar fell in love with Batool by his altar;  

Now, descendent of Sher Shah Syed Jallal Surkh Bukhari’s clique descendent happen to be preacher,

Parson Batool an eternal! Fairy’s follower Zaffar facing fate of Fareed’s pastor, ensuing death ambler.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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