Where from I collect my scattered dreams, crushed under feet of love, all wrecked,

Did find imagination come true as visualize in lullaby read in fairytales, not tracked;

Train of belief is sign of natural instinct, since birth incremented in nascent memoir,

Remain groom with the advancement of age, in quest of an entrée to heart boudoir;

Abruptly close to ‘met somewhere’ sense accrue, crucial hard one’s memory center,

Queen fairy reign the dreamland in Chechnya shall reincarnate as beautiful anchor;

Venture pragmatic lesson of neutrality in sordid ensuing era of brutal usurper span,

Hippocrates! Coerced by his conscience to take lethal poison Hemlock, yield life ran;

Alarm of going power in the hands of rank butcher, cobblers and horse-shoe-maker,

Neither “Morality” were mutual nor ethics barter nor justice in bias hand, usurper;

His foreseen situation stood reincarnated in present epoch, greed and lust do reign,

Justice delayed, justice denied maxim vanished awful , logical have no iota of brain;

Like and dislike are hallmark of Nation created to teach and deliver Islamic justice,

Justice gone subservient with succumb to alleged payroll, innocent shrouded rustic;

Hippocrates was a Batool to crusade against the totalitarianism of elite with wealth,

Batool defined in annals books as paragon of upright based on divine and a realistic,

Neutral, undemanding and not scary from the death, free from being a materialistic;

Zaffar! Said to be vested with live conscience why not fall in love with virtue Batool,

Hardly to find messiah in this latest scientific era nearly all dweller are wealthy fool;

Relationships are always selfless one akin to the birds on holding it tight readily die,

When held with tender touch grip they remain tame, caring mutual and seldom fly;

Alas! Human have learnt neither from grooming in mother’s lap nor bird character,

Perturbing is waste of time and vigor as couldn’t alter grimy society but yield altar;

It disarrays with one’s ego and selfless love seeking nothing except a divine worship,

Imagining from pillar to post, one’s love materialize not tenable but unfair hardship;

Hippocrates of 400BC era superimposed on Batool of current era are blessed moral,

Sinners in Zaffar have no rights to approach them and succumb to their flux corral. 


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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