Keep running after the Virtuous, who stands least concerned about your worship,

Why don’t you stop, twirl around, and make out who are seeking your internship;

Concede, Zaffar is not fantastic man thereto make volley of mistakes, culpable sin,

Still, he subsist with your entity through zoom, not have divine right for heart win;

Who likes stay with reckoned sinner in your eyes, never chanced, heard in person,

Knowing now what really I, at heart, liable to hung onto gallows for love treason;

Ignorant of who are chasing him, pitilessly peruse his idol “Virtuous” get in adore,

One who resorts through delight with delete, shall never okay his desire of restore;

Alas! Had “Victorious” been devoted to God, wouldn’t have seen dishearten days,

Routed on all fours in the garb of divine, spiritual and selfless reciprocate, no way,

Divinity of proclaim loving you “Virtuous” stand engraved on inner core of heart,

Reiteration of my endless love printed in Heaven barely can be denied via a smart;

Worth your heart explore! But thy’s vital assignments in depth hardly spare time,

Thy shall never know of it while beyblade in lullaby by mothers to kids in rhyme;

Time is never eternal to repeat, “I love you Virtue! In divinity!”lest soul segregate,

Who has stayed eternal! Do not condemn me unheard, my love a lifelong rusticate;

My feeling are, too, real exclusively Batool specific to repose trust, faith and oath,

In my luck whose soul stood assorted before thy was born on earth, drift growth;

Need not take to your heart! You’re opposite to imaginary claim of being nothing,

Only jeweler value the worth of a rhombus, which holds good in a love not aching;

Decidedly, you’re precious stone meant for “gladiator-symbol” of throne of a king,

Deliverance of lesson on human norms, ethics and humanity your part of up bring.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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