Even such a stance not acceptable to me! One wandering bewildered valley of love,

Professionally, a apparent successful life reign, never confront with love a foxglove;

Lap of mother grooming, besides, lullaby of fairytales pertain to Chechnya ordain,

Impact and concept of learning at first alma meter hardly dies thereto not arraign;

Seedling when assorted with watering of prime youth sprouts via a love conscious,

A beyblade game gnaw career of youths, adult and elderly erasing very conscience;

Post mature meet their Waterloo, when encounter flux fairy twin of Sabah a queen,

Who had a nexus twin sister Batool superimpose distinctiveness getting a foreseen;

Almost not discernible were jointly royal sisters as God made with His own hands,  

Sabah ruled the era of Prophet Solomon (PBUH) who fell in love with her garland;

Her twin Batool destined to reign a recent era where Zaffar ensue to tap flux, door,

Not a king but vested with selfless love, adoration and worship having no explore;

Throne remain hallmark to conquer heart of world first reckon glamour sovereign,

Kings seen stepping down from throne to succumb to love, forfeit power coxswain;

Love surmise an eternal kingdom of all times irrespective of riches, age and status,

Invariably, God can be won over through selfless love and adore leaving no hiatus;

Whirlpool came on earth meant for beyblade Zaffar sustain a cut through despair,

Anguish made up of irregularly irregular ignorance battered by devoid of a repair;

Leaving after no mark to seek medico legal report as covert intestine strangulated,

Happened to be just a lie within just an excuse, cluster of trinkets prove herniated;

Very soon a fashion to boost of getting loved by one with covert tears and screams;

Reciprocation dispense with on pretext of crying of an adorer in love by extremes;

Neither lie nor a cut nor tear but objection of movements during kneading dough,

Flour ought be used to prepare a bread poor long starved along family in backhoe;

People can’t change; they just become who they are! Meant to adore till a death,

Every black cat is a cat, but, every cat is not black one! Zaffar succumb last breath.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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