Curse of slavery vanished with dawn of “Islamic Era “a being culpable sin,

Trust prevail as binding swap for all times, relations proved catalyst to win;

Captivated treatment like animals to earn them livelihood for slave’s master,

Thrown a desiccated loaf of bread and sporadically a taste of unclean water;

Kept in den and cattle house, besides, chained tightly consistent dog and hog,

Delinquent subjected to slaughter otherwise have the life of breakdown frog;

Islamic renaissance transformed thereto better governance by equal rights,

Words were honored as an Ordain of God never vulnerable to ever broken,

Money in gold was never grabbed as ball of feces of herd acted akin token;

Barter partnership came in vogue one end participated as solitary investor,

At receiving end, other dear expertise part was to mimic saver not usurper;

Money retained with financial immunity, saver  and income equally shared,

Honest reign objectively through generations and defy of barter taken theft,

Mother lap beacon groom superlative characteristics to the toddler not cleft;

Invariably, all human can endure an hardship, own blood wreak a brutality,

Unilateral reposed trust, faith and confidence with akin power repel reality;

All unilateral trusts kickback a paid less yield absorbing one’s ego in cluster,

Honour, self and chastity degrade body, soul and mind into pangful bluster;

One’s mirror image is a sculpture that reflects secrets embedded into brain,

Conscience is sole checkmate in one’s life beyblade Virtuous not to get drain;

King Mahmoood Ghazanvi enshrined, “The principles,’ beacon a freedom,”

Rendered free his slave Ayyaz, later becoming reliable minister obey dictim;

Nineteenth century saw Martin Luther King lodge crusade against tyranny,

Reign self proclaim civil society of human rights champion dealt by blithely;

Zaffar repentance once dwell as an impact on conscience scarcely conciliate,   

Such experience yield pangs, gloom and edgily a doomed seldom resuscitate.













About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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