Building of confidence level vests into one’s heart Batool,  my goddess,

Initiate in the heaven under an Ordain of Gods by automatic harness;

Predestined souls are Sent send on the earth to get merged to oneness,

Irrespective of distance, cast, creed, age and marital status not aimless;

Non union renders meant souls develop wandering in abysmally limbo,

To facilitate such unions separation and divorces created in vogue also;

Breath of one partner signals counterpart involving all six senses active,

Eyes act mutual and reciprocal recipients and indicator during positive;

Intermittently, one recipient ignore reaction to love signal even if pang,

Over conscious doesn’t mark alibi falling in love as umpteen bells rang;

Neither ages nor marital status barred such unions as divine parameter,

Julius Caesar, king of Roman empire married Cleopatra true blonder;

Gorgeous queen of Egypt plus thirty four years younger gladiator king,

After his murder, married Mark Anthony similar age difference bring;

Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) married Safia and Hafsa younger in age,

Difference cleavage of twenty six year never twisted, nay eternal rage;

Climax of age recognized in Bibi Ayesha and Prophet(PBUH) signpost,

Difference of forty six years well maintained compatibility never ghost;

Statistically, “Confidence Level”, logistic regression and decision trees,

Modeling qua a confidence level of 95 percent, 0.95% means in abbeys;

Prove that the probability of at least 95 percent to the result is reliable,

Such confidence building level remains subservient in love dependable;

Zaffar’s fault wrought in a blend of ex marital status and age embargo,

Whirlpool overwhelms him in a sanctuary of eternally drowned cargo.






Ethics has gone infinitive, only, prescribed in divine books of archive,

One suffers with crucial penalty, benefit battered to chastity deprive;

Ethics hold in the highest regard, group of believer openly  simpleton,

Once doctrine of life were beacon as signpost in alma  in the Cashton;

Goodness remains engraved to be evaluated with person, Doomsday,

Current era treats it’s beholder in the dark most valley of gloom day;

Decency is said to be existing once in upon a time, today scarcely seen,

Probity well defined in encyclopedia, lying in dictionary as gangrene;

Honesty stand tattooed on heart as quality of all and sundry human,

Integrity lost the permissiveness transforming in an ocean into lumen;

Virtuous! A hallmark of virtue being  gauge, forever dwell in Batool,

Ibid qualities inherited within prerogative and non believers are fool;

Zaffar an orthodox lover of goddess’s entity reciprocated  by  nullity,

Love remained privilege of commonsensical reckoned as true reality;

Alas! Experience taught that viewpoint being alone makes one lonely,

How can be addressed as adorer became an amalgam of pang solely;

Decidedly, encircled by pitiless cronies around the world is in vogue,

One falling in untainted love took sordid crazy, Chiefton of the rogue.




Ought not vulnerable to an intimidate vastness of the humanity’s grief,

Blood paved relations, since annals, reign abysmal almost limbo brief;

Strap factor only superimposed by falling in love with sound relations,

Irrespective of cast, creed, religion, marital status and a age estimation;

Compassion has been the hallmark of linchpin in all the human nature,

Ordained to walk meekly, as never born to stay an obligated creature;

Principle not faint moral and fixed model being into vogue in animal,

Man created as extraordinary being, but, has gone astray and abysmal;

Enduringly, we ruckus on our past which already stand gone  infinitive,

Never realise hay opportunity of a current period following by forgive;

Get engulfed in ensuing future not yet here with no criteria of wonder,

Grateful to God get vanish, forget to thanks praying beyblade blunder;

Many times confronted with storm and rain concurrently fairy Batool,

Faced them with boldness but failed divine love with you similar a fool;

Horse can be brought to a pond of water; nothing make it drink water,

Disclose of love to special one’s glumly fail as self, ego, mind slaughter;

How to overcome Zaffar’s heartaches fairy reigning with fester pangs,

Who reposes firm faith in God following yours footsteps never a slangs;

Hope never dies as one day He would grant my noble love for Virtuous,

Prayers never go waste but appropriate time destined not live anxious;

It hurts finding you tired with in depth sighs lullaby in bout of coughs,

Rendering my life fluctuating arrhythmic flutter and breathing roughs.



Divinity of my proclaim, “I love you for all times on all fours!”engraved,

Maims covert in heart, reiterating, my eternal worship render me enslaved;

An adoration sprouts from heaven, can’t be denied in your heart’s explore,

Time nay allow stay an eternal, I shall die listening your positive inner core;

Who has ever worshiped in divinity with never-ending constant pious craze,

How long linchpin me in valley of abysmal limbo condemned unheard raise;

Feeling are exclusively for you my goddess of paragon even after my death,

When shall you repose trust, faith and confidence in my selfless love? breath;

In luck you’re predestined even not yet born on earth, since make me await,

Pious, nascent, true and revered love I inborn from lap of mother not abate;

Fated for you in the lap attire of mother, quantum for Batool, aura goddess,

Never, ever, presume a genuine lover shall dare beyblade with your chastity,

Gerrymandering is not defined in books of divine love, care bonafide senility;

Whirl around the globe with volleys of pang sufferings is Zaffar, no culpable,

Crime not stands committed in the absence of courage, utter love you enable;

That would not bring good repute to my fairy as love means selfless sacrifice,

A tag of callous, brutal, heartless and possessiveness on her imitate a titmice;

Don’t tell me that I was wrong when uttered my first word of be in love with,

Footsteps of prophets(PBUT) stood followed blindly by exact sinner herewith.





Always tears and smiles are glorious nidus of winning a fairy’s heart,

Kings quit thrones and not escaped from it was Napoleon Bonaparte;

Love remained cementum basis of kings plus a layman never immune,

Emperor Edward got established a Medical College, an alma…attune;

Moaning death of his wife to remain eternal till Doomsday an eternal,

Served the health and wellbeing humanity in alms germinate external;

Shah Jehan, Mughal Emperor built Tjmahal, a cenotaph the sucking,

Blood and sweat of poor’s, amputating hands of mason by rest ageing;

Novel expression of love for his wife Mumtaz falling to naught razing;

Present era pyramid of love vests in wealth, status and lucrative posts,

Simpleton like Zaffar remain confronted into furnace, getting  roast;

Love is configuring of charity, serenity, fidelity and reposing chastity.

Tender with kindness neither envy nor negligence not akin to senility;

Never does it boast Batool, no much formality, proud and rude anger,

No existence of self seeking rather one’s wrong doing not malingered;

Worship doesn’t delight in wickedness moderately rejoice Fidel truth,

Proviso always protects mutual reposed trust with positive hope Ruth;

For infinity reciprocal sharing interactions of feeling and fester pangs,

Is called love which never is unilateral worst than idol worship twang.




Love remained divine, spiritual and render self sacrifice with yield out,

Began with love for Adam thereto creating him to adsorb in a checkout;

His offshoots dispensed with heavenly deliverance thereto lust and greed,

Spoiled the prerogative of relation vested Adam to wandering into street;

Climax of love divinity exhibited between Prophets(PBUT) and the Lord,

Love groom in lap of mother, having paradise beneath her feet….adored;

Introduction of modern scientific era has made it a commercial product,

Who so ever falls in divine love with goddess bear rest of life with regret;

Virtuous my goddess suffers from once bitten twice smitten prophylactic,

More sincere, divine and selfless love one delivers, the more be firebrick;

Meanings of saying, “I love you!” have lost its divine and spiritual model,

Binding through mutual and reciprocal sharing interaction with…hurdle;

Leaving like flash of a tightening after achieving nefarious lust moments,

Too real feeling are eradicated through series of hugging, love be ancient;

Never meant for stereotype playing around instead of courage to stay on ,

Don’t tell me impliedly that I was untrue in loving you moral paragon;

Reiterated to be understood me in its true percepts, affording me chance;

Do trust that my love in the name of God,  we met in an absolute glance;

Zaffar sustains each iota of moment incrementing getting hard amalgam,

Love dearly in divinity with solemn oath before God, forever not seldom;

Each and every cell pray for happiness and prosperity of goddess Batool,

Being pious, true, divine worshiper adorer lives in valley leading to a fool.



Is nothing, decidedly, a confrontation transforming into festering pang,

Fiscal proviso proven as the basis, additionally, love affairs getting slang;

Superimpose itself upon one’s entity, once in vogue, with no auto check,

Enwrought in sum waste thereto crushing ego, mind and chastity wreck;

Time merge in, apparently, darkness saddened with aimless a destination,

Remorse enshrouded in a lost moments with no spirit to get resuscitation;

Neither point in time nor tide nor repentance yield favorable borne fruit,

Can’t change everything, leaving entity among a suicidal negative uproot;

Whirls one in a beyblade from pillar to post, absorbed in a mimic upshot,

Their exists not more deadly poison than solitude prevails like bloodshot;

A positive dreamer doesn’t avoid negative proviso, dwell it being selfless.

Optimistic stance is the figure of thought yielding gateway not a callous;

Habitually looking for the best within positive approach yield best result,

Even in worst circumstances, what may come ought accepted not a cult;

The more Virtuous is adored, the more she is addicted to pseudo upright,

Adoration once forfeited nay does stay alive in flux of visual and eyesight;

No wonder goddess avoids but sign and symptoms of implied speak truth,

Screen contact of love vegetates hit goddess reciprocating by a saw tooth;

Worshiper never gets dejected with apparent coquet of special one divine,

Zaffar ought to get accustomed to ups and downs in bud chandler shine.



Who shall owe you selflessly as divine goddess, indebted with utterly,

Inhabitants are akin to rising sun, since annals, love every ray aptly;

Estimate each and every flicker with a barter mind by self ego shake,

Virtuous! You shall left with memoirs my true love was never a fake;

Never, you dare erase mind’s eye, breaking the heart as his love true,

Zaffar remained unlucky not getting diagnosed in his life and adieu;

How strong and above board his love was delivered among reckon,

His stand was crystal clear but you failed to accede to, a heart arson;

Never was he taken as creature falling in your unbiased connoisseur,

How selfless his adoration was reckoned, volunteer and proved altar;

Why one cognisence infringement of heart that only dwell in archive,

Unilateral love with no response befalls on adorer in a valid skydive;

Playwright of the luck enjoys hue, cry, wail and mourn of worshiper,

Provider, an eternal cocktail to one who don’t believe in God abler;

Life itself vulnerable to surgery, love being an iota of very existence,

Decidedly, not physical entity to be cured with scalpel but resistance;

Surgery consists of pre and post operative care, gratify and nurture,

Invariably, all operations yield success, not in love meadow culture;

All adorers are not Zaffar but Zaffar is reckoned lover of thy nature,

Rest play within the garb of love trough trickster seducing a badger;

Love is a divine valour more effective laser, not predestined beggar;

One-way proviso falls within an eclectic bailey of quagmire orchard,   

It is never flowers bed and consists of innumerable lifelong absurd;

The bed with thorns, more lethal than poison tipped needles result,

Called craze by those conscious of being constantly loved via tumult.





Diamond remains rhombus if lying in the heap of forgotten garbage,

Eyes of connoisseur jeweler are required to choose it up with no rage;

Life is but adaptable existence enshrined in a mutual reciprocal stage,

Dynasties at higher perk in hierarchy blessed with the lozenge presage;

Koh-e-Noor a diamond said to monitor fate of throne in small empire,

When dethroned with offhand thereto swallow up a reign of vampire;

Undiscovered “Virtuous-Diamond”sptout neutrality of the evolution, 

Time shall prove her renaissance prevails with pragmatic revolution;

Worth of self esteem not yet realised by “Batool the Virtuous” a fairy,

Zaffar’s diagnosis with feedback to goddess concerned render bailey;

Every adorer confronted by an uphill task all through his rest of life,

Reckoned lovers are those lips don’t know as what a cause maim rife;

Never tiring tolerance with patience always mimicking eternal smile,

Heart wails and mourns enshrouded in pin drop calm, averse a mile;

One ought look at one’s self being taken as out of purview of human,

Lover can be anything and not everything getting heart into a lumen;

One sided adore befall victim to astray beyblading a kid in the street,

Getting no iota reciprocation by petty sign makes his life soul excrete;

How to recover from an enigma concerning one’s viable ego control,

A manage not well in time, results hang on painful memoir protocol;

People reign, rate self, shake and break the concept of virtuous love,

How strong a lover passes the weird test of time not yielding foxglove.






One who doesn’t care and respect time gets kicked by one’s own luck,

Honesty, trust, faith and selfless yield to one’s own blood get ego suck;

Bit by bit slow and sweet venomous engulf into an unrelieved quagmire,

Cede with one sided love ruins one’s affluence, ego and chastity require;

Biggest rival of a devotee, dedication and one’s self is the emulate image,

Zoom of a  heart reflect in mirror image, unkind to whole entity mirage;

Spills one’s own white collared supple compromise akin voyage instance,

Cycle relay on two equal and balance wheels and not a puncture stance;

Falling in unilateral love with connoisseur fairy nexus bust across road,

Not an iota of reciprocation is extreme callous and brutal above board;

Eucalyptus tree touching sky high always gets uproot with trivial wind,

Bowing tree with handy height is bestow by sweet, fruits never rescind;

Zaffar! Can’t be rewarded with pious and sacred noble love unilateral,

Virtuous dwell in Nimmi, akin suddenly by u-turn, not become bilateral;

More thick figure out with pragmatic trust in itself a venom never fake,

Injury on one’s self/ego/psyche and heart rarely heal with residual sake;

Impact on the brain nay but physical injuries all cure with minimal scar,

Residual fadeout scar not visible without magnifying lens is maim spar;

Absolute ignorance of one’s special one after sharing by implied consent,

Renders adorer’s life vulnerable to blanket consent by torturing resent;

Lack of reciprocation in love, blood relations, thick the friends is lethal,

Once fallen prey enters hallucination positive sign lives rest a pathetical;

More one worships with unilateral adoration more “Virtuous” a mulish,

Contrary to axiom, “Woman accept one who adores her!” never foolish;

One she loves shall always degrade, humiliate and intimidate her entity,

It gets too late, when she remembers with repentance to forfeit reality;

Since annals cleavage of ages never cared, rather, compatibility matter,

Pump show of wealth, physical criteria of features root cause of shatter;

Gradually heart stands bitten by “Ignorance-venom,” via gloom glaze,

Polyvalent anti snake venom saves from snake bite, love remains ablaze;