Fading interval brim ensuing school game period stretching up to an evening,

Quickly sought exemption, Shaffer await in car, reach house was everything;

Abode was unruffled with few cars of doctors, servants running pillar to post;

Gossip reign averting revelation as to who was new guest, ambiance like ghost;

Abruptly, near dear congratulate me on entering the main veranda onto lobby,

A nascent soul after fifteen years of my birth came from heaven on this earth,

Cognisence live toy, a well come whole heartedly without trivial worldly girth;

Blue-eyed toddler of doctors in medical colony hung over arms and hug with,

Kissing thereto rolling onto the shoulders out of love, affection akin goldsmith;

Span passed akin to time and tide reaching seventh grade, St Anthony School,

Mother came to my room with grave profile, wish care, Prince in world of fool;

Half of an hour later, died with no obvious cause, before fifties, dwell me,  Will,

Tried I utmost, consistent with valid Will, by sweat and blood, result reign nil;

Got ethics inherited from mother who saw orphanage reign pangs onto grave,

Vested with subsist guardianship of repository tacking all enigma of life brave;

Reign honesty, piousness, nascent, trust, faith, and sacrament in the hierarchy,

Confidence hallmark coerced father grant him “Power-Attorney,” patriarchy;

Getting “Stamp-Paper “signed by all brothers and sisters, validating it himself,

Father of three handsome sons and husband of big scientist feel alone thyself;

Happy life succumbed to matriarchal dominion in domestic good governance;

Wrote a self explanatory poem, heaven underneath mother’s divine credence;



Oh mother I want to see you once again,

To let you know my wounds and pains;

I am being adjudged in term of flesh,

Now soul has become worthless,

You would always wait for my joy and cheer,

But now I am a rolling stone I swear;

Kids are too young to understand miseries,

I want your lap to shed tears;

Both of your warmth behind stars behind,

I have to rise, make me remind;

Who I am, if a great father met the same fate,

No matter if brought on same gate;

No matter world is Hippocratic and cruel,

Your memoirs and love trounce such spiteful.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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