Batool and/or Virtuous discloses, “Mother is my strength besides as my weakness,”

Mother have nexus qua common to every single one by heaven beneath feet aegis;

Bestowed upon reverence, honour plus dignity by none other than the God himself,

Create Eve from the rib of Adam theretofore he got created from the mud thyself;

All the religions including atheist be concerned, enchant and cherish sweet mother,

Every toddler utter first word as “Mom” but my fairy said “Awaa” in lieu, father;

Weakness is a misnomer term as used by Batool, as suitable is tender point of view,

Follower asked Prophet Mohd(PBUH) whom be cared after in mother’s purview;

He said, “Mother, “the fan said then! He was told mother thereto asked after then,

Third time Prophet(PBUH) said, “Father” obviously heaven doesn’t lie inside glen;

Love of mother, “Universal Seedling “nexus for the entire humanbeing concurrent,

The very word, “Mother” acts as catalyst watering of ibid seedling bud recurrent;

Beyblade love for my mother, striking my tympanic membranes of ears resonance,

Lovable autobiography do take me Nimmi in my resident village bind peg faraway,

Am struck in abysmal limbo pivoting my entity, frail and destination still alleyway;

Existence vanishing distress heart swing with unskilled flutter knocking chest wall,

Soul waning entrap under illusion canopy of a death forfeiting life in stranded hall;

Accomplish your divine love free from bias, selfishness and bewitched niche ghost,

Nevertheless am said to be breathing, definitely, no shade radiate trivial bedpost;

Regrettably! My goal infinitively far-flung by no expect of entering the flux range,

Somewhere, my ancestors were born! Theretofore touching earth of India strange;

Cradle, groom, lullaby in the lap of innumerable nannies lap besides mom’s beam,

Intuition wrapping me that momentous zenith soil is awaiting me  not an extreme;

Livestock noise and timers are enough to establish survival chuckle falling in dusk,

Though singing atmospheric melody cattle bells with foolproof tiny hope  mollusk;

Life stationary with status quo not trivial hoof marks to follow as signpost lifeline, 

My mother’s prays borne fruit to discern one like she, vests in Batool but not mine.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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