There is no figurative corner in the absolute empathy to tender me refuge,

Plunk hurt knowing how onset of slow poison seep through eyes then fuse;

By magic flux, hazelnut, gazelle, gorgeous, mango-sliced sharp and marine,

Eyes not sent by God to massacre people on all fours to infirm with carbine;

My eyes linchpin by a stare in adoration of Batool on first sight summarize,

Reciprocates me with tiny consent to get perceived impliedly still crosswise;

Vision stand victim of apathy with fatigue carrying best conducive heavens,

Vested with grace, beauty, glamour and destined murder me but reluctant,

Wiseman say that it is painful to await for someone as adorer not claimant;

Who knows? The worst pain reign when one gravely fail to await or forget,

Zaffar vanishing in whirlpool of over flooded pangs with no intention to cry,

It hard to make clear my goddess as to what is love and how return comply;

Frequent seizure engulf me as never had such experience in an earlier span,

Virtuous you know! Love peg me with fester during entice flux, bar life ran;

Hope! Still reign my “shock-craze” not to neglect in your heavenly memoir,

There is no other name I can run far whenever confronted with a peignoir;

Pray thy still owe me onto my death while succumb to last gasping breath,

In yours autobiography writing names of diehard selfless akin to his death;

You are not God I know, decidedly, His sent goddess to reign, be worshiped

After Lord one finds canopy in your admiration only selfless and true ship;

Supernatural being shower uncountable mercy which abound your entity,

Please help surmount my crime, falling in a love with you by utter certainty;

Love bent within prophet hood for selfless divine everlasting adoration God,

Lustful merry mongers defamed divine theory as vested in tricksters fraud.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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