Always tears and smiles are glorious nidus of winning a fairy’s heart,

Kings quit thrones and not escaped from it was Napoleon Bonaparte;

Love remained cementum basis of kings plus a layman never immune,

Emperor Edward got established a Medical College, an alma…attune;

Moaning death of his wife to remain eternal till Doomsday an eternal,

Served the health and wellbeing humanity in alms germinate external;

Shah Jehan, Mughal Emperor built Tjmahal, a cenotaph the sucking,

Blood and sweat of poor’s, amputating hands of mason by rest ageing;

Novel expression of love for his wife Mumtaz falling to naught razing;

Present era pyramid of love vests in wealth, status and lucrative posts,

Simpleton like Zaffar remain confronted into furnace, getting  roast;

Love is configuring of charity, serenity, fidelity and reposing chastity.

Tender with kindness neither envy nor negligence not akin to senility;

Never does it boast Batool, no much formality, proud and rude anger,

No existence of self seeking rather one’s wrong doing not malingered;

Worship doesn’t delight in wickedness moderately rejoice Fidel truth,

Proviso always protects mutual reposed trust with positive hope Ruth;

For infinity reciprocal sharing interactions of feeling and fester pangs,

Is called love which never is unilateral worst than idol worship twang.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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