One who doesn’t care and respect time gets kicked by one’s own luck,

Honesty, trust, faith and selfless yield to one’s own blood get ego suck;

Bit by bit slow and sweet venomous engulf into an unrelieved quagmire,

Cede with one sided love ruins one’s affluence, ego and chastity require;

Biggest rival of a devotee, dedication and one’s self is the emulate image,

Zoom of a  heart reflect in mirror image, unkind to whole entity mirage;

Spills one’s own white collared supple compromise akin voyage instance,

Cycle relay on two equal and balance wheels and not a puncture stance;

Falling in unilateral love with connoisseur fairy nexus bust across road,

Not an iota of reciprocation is extreme callous and brutal above board;

Eucalyptus tree touching sky high always gets uproot with trivial wind,

Bowing tree with handy height is bestow by sweet, fruits never rescind;

Zaffar! Can’t be rewarded with pious and sacred noble love unilateral,

Virtuous dwell in Nimmi, akin suddenly by u-turn, not become bilateral;

More thick figure out with pragmatic trust in itself a venom never fake,

Injury on one’s self/ego/psyche and heart rarely heal with residual sake;

Impact on the brain nay but physical injuries all cure with minimal scar,

Residual fadeout scar not visible without magnifying lens is maim spar;

Absolute ignorance of one’s special one after sharing by implied consent,

Renders adorer’s life vulnerable to blanket consent by torturing resent;

Lack of reciprocation in love, blood relations, thick the friends is lethal,

Once fallen prey enters hallucination positive sign lives rest a pathetical;

More one worships with unilateral adoration more “Virtuous” a mulish,

Contrary to axiom, “Woman accept one who adores her!” never foolish;

One she loves shall always degrade, humiliate and intimidate her entity,

It gets too late, when she remembers with repentance to forfeit reality;

Since annals cleavage of ages never cared, rather, compatibility matter,

Pump show of wealth, physical criteria of features root cause of shatter;

Gradually heart stands bitten by “Ignorance-venom,” via gloom glaze,

Polyvalent anti snake venom saves from snake bite, love remains ablaze;




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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