Fading interval brim ensuing school game period stretching up to an evening,

Quickly sought exemption, Shaffer await in car, reach house was everything;

Abode was unruffled with few cars of doctors, servants running pillar to post;

Gossip reign averting revelation as to who was new guest, ambiance like ghost;

Abruptly, near dear congratulate me on entering the main veranda onto lobby,

A nascent soul after fifteen years of my birth came from heaven on this earth,

Cognisence live toy, a well come whole heartedly without trivial worldly girth;

Blue-eyed toddler of doctors in medical colony hung over arms and hug with,

Kissing thereto rolling onto the shoulders out of love, affection akin goldsmith;

Span passed akin to time and tide reaching seventh grade, St Anthony School,

Mother came to my room with grave profile, wish care, Prince in world of fool;

Half of an hour later, died with no obvious cause, before fifties, dwell me,  Will,

Tried I utmost, consistent with valid Will, by sweat and blood, result reign nil;

Got ethics inherited from mother who saw orphanage reign pangs onto grave,

Vested with subsist guardianship of repository tacking all enigma of life brave;

Reign honesty, piousness, nascent, trust, faith, and sacrament in the hierarchy,

Confidence hallmark coerced father grant him “Power-Attorney,” patriarchy;

Getting “Stamp-Paper “signed by all brothers and sisters, validating it himself,

Father of three handsome sons and husband of big scientist feel alone thyself;

Happy life succumbed to matriarchal dominion in domestic good governance;

Wrote a self explanatory poem, heaven underneath mother’s divine credence;



Oh mother I want to see you once again,

To let you know my wounds and pains;

I am being adjudged in term of flesh,

Now soul has become worthless,

You would always wait for my joy and cheer,

But now I am a rolling stone I swear;

Kids are too young to understand miseries,

I want your lap to shed tears;

Both of your warmth behind stars behind,

I have to rise, make me remind;

Who I am, if a great father met the same fate,

No matter if brought on same gate;

No matter world is Hippocratic and cruel,

Your memoirs and love trounce such spiteful.




First page spreads out fetching of happiness when a child is born called “Birth,”

The next page called the perpetual with transitional platform without any girth;

Enduring page remains disgusting bone of contentions unless proved otherwise,

Revolves around taking a first breath, mid zone and last inevitable breath wise;

Estoppel to existence is faced by all irrespective of king, and poor called “Death,”

Neither lust nor greed nor wealth nor friends nor relations sustainable to breath;

It depends how an individual opts a lifestyle pouring his own colour into a white,

White represents neutral media mimic a Petri-dish for growth of organism byte;

One runs from pillar to post to seek a strength over and above one’s hard work,

Doesn’t realizes that all difficulty are divine stimuli making a strong not a murk;

Wisdom vests irrespective of status, society, wealth and elite class poor or worth,

Chance, venue, opportunity and fertile stamina available in abundance no girth;

Problems stand born before one is born in this world since Satan refused to bow,

Adam, who was made from mud God by His own hands to sprout human aglow;

Life never made bed of flowers rather exhibit bed of thorns with problems solve,

Acquaintance as properly acquainted with minimal will decidedly resort resolve;

Seeking from Lord a simple with no put in efforts, is never bestowed any brawn,

Brain is there to job, never expect life of an insect have food amidst stone dawn;

Whenever confronted with seeking of courage without undergoing any danger,

One can overcome hazards of life with utter willpower akin not using a stranger;

Patience is universal key solving ups and downs but tolerance required in a wait,

Love by selfless worship and blank consent sought from a Virtuous never aerate;

Opportunities are never subservient to favours, heritage and divine facilitation,

At the end finds not wanted to receive everything and got it with entity auction;

Irrespective of one’s age, finds larger hall, in going from one door and leaving,

Leaving it from the other; nexus life span of a single breath akin one to relieving;

Seen kings begging like nomads and poppers conquering throne seldom batty,

Man remains guest before he is born with crying eternal, leaves hands “Empty.”





Batool and/or Virtuous discloses, “Mother is my strength besides as my weakness,”

Mother have nexus qua common to every single one by heaven beneath feet aegis;

Bestowed upon reverence, honour plus dignity by none other than the God himself,

Create Eve from the rib of Adam theretofore he got created from the mud thyself;

All the religions including atheist be concerned, enchant and cherish sweet mother,

Every toddler utter first word as “Mom” but my fairy said “Awaa” in lieu, father;

Weakness is a misnomer term as used by Batool, as suitable is tender point of view,

Follower asked Prophet Mohd(PBUH) whom be cared after in mother’s purview;

He said, “Mother, “the fan said then! He was told mother thereto asked after then,

Third time Prophet(PBUH) said, “Father” obviously heaven doesn’t lie inside glen;

Love of mother, “Universal Seedling “nexus for the entire humanbeing concurrent,

The very word, “Mother” acts as catalyst watering of ibid seedling bud recurrent;

Beyblade love for my mother, striking my tympanic membranes of ears resonance,

Lovable autobiography do take me Nimmi in my resident village bind peg faraway,

Am struck in abysmal limbo pivoting my entity, frail and destination still alleyway;

Existence vanishing distress heart swing with unskilled flutter knocking chest wall,

Soul waning entrap under illusion canopy of a death forfeiting life in stranded hall;

Accomplish your divine love free from bias, selfishness and bewitched niche ghost,

Nevertheless am said to be breathing, definitely, no shade radiate trivial bedpost;

Regrettably! My goal infinitively far-flung by no expect of entering the flux range,

Somewhere, my ancestors were born! Theretofore touching earth of India strange;

Cradle, groom, lullaby in the lap of innumerable nannies lap besides mom’s beam,

Intuition wrapping me that momentous zenith soil is awaiting me  not an extreme;

Livestock noise and timers are enough to establish survival chuckle falling in dusk,

Though singing atmospheric melody cattle bells with foolproof tiny hope  mollusk;

Life stationary with status quo not trivial hoof marks to follow as signpost lifeline, 

My mother’s prays borne fruit to discern one like she, vests in Batool but not mine.




Fractionally deliver a patent lounge to revive my survival by declaring that you remain,

Half without me, the adorer, selflessly falling in love with you fairy via worship sustain;

What shall you lose if you say in good omen saving life of a stranger with salvation key,

God sends two predestined souls from heaven to earth to merge selflessly including me;

Combination irrespective of colour, cast, creed, religion, belief, age and marital status,

Age never proved an preset bar for sharing interface mutually and as reciprocal bonus;

Counterparts are divined lest souls keep on wandering awfully in midpoint enter grave,

Once misconceived the divine celestial blending intellectual brains never remain brave;

To facilitate conducive synthesis separations and divorces eternally maintain in  vogue,

Though ibid proviso not liked by God yet allowed so that sufferer tenders to be rouge;

Odd couples set at liberty to partway paper or oral or implied affairs if not sustainable,

Most of the fairies realise retrospectively their being selflessly loved, now maintainable;  

Stubbornity of being in their blossom with outcome, cover to intelligence yield not hey,

It falling in maxim that no use of crying over split milk, face dilemma in unheard pray;

Sympathize never in the garb of self proclaimed neutrality, not enquiring condition of,  

My heart, you, Batool thereto never sharing your grief, for me your forever mood off;

Zaffar stood out of bound for you, my revered Virtuous, upright and heavenly goddess,

Alas! Would have taken a scratch from my heart’s festering pangs archive in a harness.



Life is an occasion ought to be benefited, life is splendor ought to be admired,

Life is fantasy ought to be realised, a confront ought to defeat before expired;

Obligatory duty need to get congregate, an pursuit readily play with as hobby,

An undertake mutual reciprocal required fulfill, enshrouded in sorrow abbey;

Triumph over it in a lullaby as nightingale noise choral to toddlers in fairytale,

A fight back ought be faced in gladiator’s foot image not take tragedy derail;

Decidedly, confronted with taking as an adventure dare it as a luck dominated,

Moreover valuable avail setting ought, not be destroyed rather flower bedded;

Existence merely an all times imaginings turning it to workable in reality yield,

Not be ever wasted to follow those devoid on natural instinct, akin not goldfield;

Zaffar, means “Victory” in Persian, alas, nexus antonym, the footsteps of a king,

Bahadar Shah Zaffar, the last Mughal emperor suffering deprivation into ring;

Struggling for two yards beneath the earth with simple coffin for eternal burial,

A ruler seeking with pangs but a dignity, once unrestricted realm in his empire,

Captivated in solitary confinement at Rangoon, Burma by vast British vampire;

How can an adorer seek Batool, paragon of “Virtuous,” name as Zaffar mark,

Beat about bushes never yield sweet fruits but entrap one into untamed dark;

What a life it is difficult to stand on the pathway to one self’s maim inner core,

Stands extended the worldliness, difficult weep at crushing of the petals uproar;

Festering of heart at the hands of goddess of virtues stir up at brain with a scar,  

In good faith articulate a lie to be alone without me, you lose nil don’t be a czar.





Happen to be first deliberation of life with strange pathway, destination far away,

To some extent I was called crazy somewhat goddess happen raw, love not sway;

Rather fairy stood misconceived not alarming me of love, those fall in, be snicker,

Easier said than done to share interacts pangs of someone  without a cruel flicker;

Mesmerizing in false hope ever seen with hitch, to put on a snake charmer’s dress,

No one listens to one’s injustice, horrible to understand psyche of people address;

With green gardens strained relations special one never happen to meet compose,

Zaffar like people seen as a living vegetable while body alive soul as decomposed;

Unilateral love never intended at seventh heaven, rival resent, difficult to fructify,  

All and sundry mimic chirping love songs, genuine adorer hardly nexus to rectify;

Falling victim to festering pangs are scarcely recover from an impact on a brain,

Finally worshiper lucky to have taste of love though sordid victim of brain drain;

A love game nascent undying alluring smiles, assaulted me with umpteen damage,

Confronted with smashups, in the midst realised ensuing storms akin to rampage;

No exist as my own Batool except yours divine, pious, devoted and keen worship,

There’s no lack of being yet vested with rankle pang not yet realised by her ship;

Left with an abundance of fester of covert bleeding a reverberate deserted heart,

Thy not a quandary at heart but overburdened among an assignments onslaught.


Guineas book record stood substituted by two hundreds poems, new scientific era,

Beyblade convey divine and mortal traits bestowed upon by God, one drop aqua;

Poems amalgamate sweat, blood and strenuous put in by adorer’s blow out brain,

Ensuing annals shall cognisence it via singing lullaby by mothers in fairytales rain;

Though not affective on heart’s Facebook and divine emails since never part of job,

Never interacted in real life, though destined souls sent from heaven, get me a rob;

Current is the epoch of lust enwrought in greed in the fashion of falling in true love,

Once bitten twice smitten enshroud every divine worshiper not related to foxglove;

One in a millennium Zaffar akin to true, pious, nascent and revered lover natural,   

In umpteen millennium graceful, beautiful and sculpture in Batool pageant amble;

Luckily, I happen to plunge in love with Virtuous made by God with His own hand,

Predestined souls for my soul sent at different time of pangs, linchpin off red band;

Overcoming deep sigh, bout of coughs and clearance of throat with rebound effect,

Unaware of divinity and pangs of love thy not reciprocating, poses natural reflect;

Fairy’s intrinsic and extrinsic qualities transpire by signal on grey matter, adorer,

Maxim that everything in world is buy-able, even God, nay does true love restorer;

Symbol of virtue nexus God on all fours yet ignores her vital and valuable health,

Which once victim of selfless delivery of assignment is gone can’t be got by wealth?










There is no figurative corner in the absolute empathy to tender me refuge,

Plunk hurt knowing how onset of slow poison seep through eyes then fuse;

By magic flux, hazelnut, gazelle, gorgeous, mango-sliced sharp and marine,

Eyes not sent by God to massacre people on all fours to infirm with carbine;

My eyes linchpin by a stare in adoration of Batool on first sight summarize,

Reciprocates me with tiny consent to get perceived impliedly still crosswise;

Vision stand victim of apathy with fatigue carrying best conducive heavens,

Vested with grace, beauty, glamour and destined murder me but reluctant,

Wiseman say that it is painful to await for someone as adorer not claimant;

Who knows? The worst pain reign when one gravely fail to await or forget,

Zaffar vanishing in whirlpool of over flooded pangs with no intention to cry,

It hard to make clear my goddess as to what is love and how return comply;

Frequent seizure engulf me as never had such experience in an earlier span,

Virtuous you know! Love peg me with fester during entice flux, bar life ran;

Hope! Still reign my “shock-craze” not to neglect in your heavenly memoir,

There is no other name I can run far whenever confronted with a peignoir;

Pray thy still owe me onto my death while succumb to last gasping breath,

In yours autobiography writing names of diehard selfless akin to his death;

You are not God I know, decidedly, His sent goddess to reign, be worshiped

After Lord one finds canopy in your admiration only selfless and true ship;

Supernatural being shower uncountable mercy which abound your entity,

Please help surmount my crime, falling in a love with you by utter certainty;

Love bent within prophet hood for selfless divine everlasting adoration God,

Lustful merry mongers defamed divine theory as vested in tricksters fraud.




Loneliness do take home since sweet memoirs pang with belling in my ears,

My native village still faraway, where my forefathers preached Islamic rays;

Am barefoot, infirm and path endomed, life fading, heart flutter and feeble,

Soul enwrought in bewitched ghosts everywhere, Nimmi godly idol tangible;

Though alive yet shadow remains invisible enshroud in destination as chunk,

Where my ancestors born, groom in mom lap listening fairytales nay shrunk;

Soil fluxing me with an open arm, preface stand torn and a road look absurd,

Mimic Church bells in desert and cattle bells ringing well come to butchered;

Flashpoint! Obstacle to see dawn unaware of fate search for water quantum,

Neither water nor iota straw getting go after trail of cattle’s, chance random;

Assorted with frozen existence no footprints get beleaguered through sludge,

Transform strange and weird night, candle fading succumb negative pledge;

Wilderness antagonize my destination in awaiting home at a standstill away,

Life is nothing but mirage at this time with no silhouette of crucial hope ray;

Storm playing pastime of last propel result is obvious but process very slow,

Nightmare brought me up in its lap beyblade extinction of my life last blow;

Luck further slap my festering heart moving up and fro with laborious wrap,

My affable goddess Batool! I shall gravely miss when death starts me by kiss,

With tender and fair request not to wail and mourn on me, qua chastity risk.


Confident, would’ve touched the tender emotions embedded in ego, anchorperson,

Dwell within symbolic heart have watering of seedling affect during divine reason;

Virtuous self vulnerable, palpation, pulsation, throbbing and flutter of petite heart,

Obviously, care, cater and nurture with abundance of soothing poultice, sympathy,

A live coverage shoot-up cognisence across the board, reign globe without apathy;

World not have gone in a fading dusk nay susceptible to gloom meant fate survive,

Human when quit for good never seen in suspended animation by chance to revive;

Ups and downs are an amalgam of variant of lifespan, adorer confront with night,

Haunting lonely darkness beyblade fluctuating swings never yielding a ray bright;

Repeatedly, reiterate my uncounted years, barely overcome pangs impacted brain,

Always repose firm faith God, one day He’ll make a way pro, not falling  in drain;

Lest! Neither negative trend of believing in Infidelity nor atheist overpowers whim,   

Inherited born Muslim going off the track, along pillar to post into back sea swim;

Who cares tears get dry up, met failure to flow as result of face minus heartedness,

Hearts only harden under duress of self guilt and drowning in eternal brittleness;

Gladiators seen succumbing to principles falling prey once shaken by live self guilt,

Perspiring in frozen atmosphere with forsaken chill not yield to virtue sooth quilt;

Fairy conferred with, “Persona Designate” cover multifarious sturdy assignment,

Where self suffered champions of journalism get smitten refuse with a resentment,

Paragon of Virtuous as conscious of Zaffar falling in love with thrilling on pageant,

Love is precursor of mutual and reciprocal sharing interaction not akin solo grant;

Pseudo worship, adoration and love fructify in nefarious designs, only true suffer,

Vested with no,”acumenship”to deliver my love care purview her chastity a buffer.