Unexpectedly, right hand raised, palm ward off anchorperson’s horizon,

Averting to get his personality disclose, dwell in an old age home reason;

She asked cameraman in a wit thereto face hazy as there being no choice,

Post elderly still pose as blossom youth crusading befall ill fortune a vice;

Once eye star of a famous family groom in lap of mom listen to fairytales,

Beyblade whirl with lullaby amidst various laps amuse with play toy rail;

A privileged living of toddler and childhood of an uncrowned grow king,

Passed existence, blue eyed boy at home, family unit and in a school ring;

College era an idle of glamour as first-rate student, athlete and a debater,

Skilled with Superior Service Competitive Examination, career elevator;

Admitted as an honest, who never yield to bribe and illegal gratification,

To meet two ends meet, inherited property was abundance satisfaction;

Married renowned fairy queen in human bestowed with only three sons,

Were cared, catered and nurtured budding under sunshade of a beacon;

When loggerhead with mother for their desire, father intervene a favour,

Who wished to bring kids moon and stars though property satiety the lot,

Forgot maxim, “Son acquire quality of mother; horse does a master got;”

Fairy queen mesmerized “fluxed in” his all resources in her own name,

Three bungalows and agriculture land all gone when retirement acclaim;

Two sons big business tycoon with boomed entrepreneur in the Pakistan,

One lives in USA with twin nationality, often visiting in-laws in Afghan;

Found got himself captivated in servant quarter backyard being burden,

One of the neighbor found thy in pitiable beggar like condition in a den;

Enquired of fairy queen! Where had she gone? Astonished by a fidelity,

Putting up regularly in gym rest of her time with sons, sordid mentality;

Alas! Learnt wisdom from failure thereto a lot additional from success,

Discovered what to do as mistakes are recovering moments not a recess.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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