A sacred, nascent, sacrosanct and Ordained trust of God in angel existed,

All angels bowed before Adam but their Chiefton angel decidedly resisted;

God endowed soul in his first human created figurine, ordered angels bow,

Eblis, worshipped, eight thousands years, God with full devotion nay low;

Theretofore angels invited, Michael and all angels fought non compliance,

Harith, new name, chosen his getting thrown out of Heaven utter flagrance;

Self pride never liked by God since creation of first human and sent on earth,

Man was created to absorb pangs, angels were enough, worship with no girth;

Self, psyche, ego, soul and nafs are relative terms Batool rest lies in humanity,

Inciting, self accusing, composing at peace and pleading for pure nay reality;

Revolting angel Satan formed misdeeds for, we human, is bone of contention,

Gerrymandering prevails with a full license as asserted by goddess’s reaction;

Eve got created from the rib of Adam with Ordain to be followed like mother,

Not created from as Adam created, fated a privilege super human fix further;

Adam happened to place down the first yardstick of breach of trust in inherit,

Virtuous a reckon connoisseur failed to distinguish amid sin and virtue audit;

Adam listened to the vice of his wife out of love and care and ate banned fruit,

God punished him by sending on earth ground to struggle the miseries brute;

He dropped at “Adam’s Peak” in then Ceylon, now Sri Lanka to beat about,

Wife Eve in deserted barren land of Arabia, full of mirage without any doubt;

Adam running from pillar to post and it took him three years to each his wife,

Each of Adam’s son ought to marry his corresponding sister, a structure rife;

Cain, elder son , killed his younger brother Abel to get his earmark a partner,

Breach of trust inherited in Adam’s family got endemic todate as our barter;

Treachery of trust became a hallmark for we human, worst victim  are pious,

Females have taken the role of overriding genes of inheritance overt spacious;

Love, adoration, worship and devotion got lost in a baffle proviso reservation,

Criteria established on drain and confirm with counterpart fiscal estimation;

Human though vested with intellect and six senses transformed to mammals,

No doubt man included but has gathered the characteristics of beast animal;

Heart converted to black hole with denial pulsation, palpation and love throb,

One who loves “Virtuous” called divine goddess forfeit his chastity with a rob.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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