The world created by Lord amid promise of eventual forgiveness,

Everybody subjected to reprimand and reward, final virtuousness;

In a battle of Khandaq, Muslims dug a ditch, defense point of view,

A foolproof strategy, enemy couldn’t get across by activist purview;

Enemy commando Amr-bin-Abdawud maneuver across the ditch,

Known for strength, valor and art of war as gladiator by no hitch;

All Muslims suddenly got terrified with a shock as caught unaware,

None dare with courage as all stunned in wilderness, nowhere;

Hazrat Ali(RA) stood up and entangled in fierce combating bravely,

Overpowered him on all fours throwing him on the ground amply;

Mounted on his chest to kill him, suddenly, Infidel spit on the face,

Imam Ali(RA) moved away from the chest leaving being noble race;

Amr-bin-Abdawud recovered, again jump upon Ali(RA) to kill him,

Fierce warfare took place resulting in death of Infidel in gasp grim;

Group around enquired! Why he did not kill when grabbed earlier,

“If I had killed him! Wouldn’t have been for sake Islam..spit aver;”  

Proven Ali(RA) controlled his anger and killed Amr for sake, Allah,

Virtuous! Which revenge, is being taken from me? Worship contra;

Yours reckon connoisseur went ravage being uttered “adoration,”

Your crusade, fearing no man, stands akin to a forgive restoration;

In which law dictionary expression of divine love defined as offense,

Zaffar succumb to your entity by neat love, bare hands no defense;  

Can fairy, you, swear on an oath of never be aware and conscious,

Be honest, to yourself do face my love retort query with conscience;

Batool get out of fool’s paradise, reality is not as populace capture,

“Hi,” :Hoe,” “Fine” and “Woo” are submit to key heart rupture.  




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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