Character on human is mirror image of dense “Sandal Wood” tree,

Which sustains heavy cutting weapon axe assault with abbey free;

In spite of grave maim with festering severance reply  axe assorted,

Smell of alluring fragrance, love, too, divine sandal fumigate acrid;

Thereto helpful visual field to fall in adoration striking sixth sense,

A glimpse on screen entraps falling in love at an infinitive essence;

Mercy shower of love rains at goddess’s doorsteps by prosperous,

Without meeting eachother divine desire fructify never disastrous;

If it remains unspeaking one goes restless no ease at the inner core,

Can’t park oneself, a fish without water tossing about at outer core;

Misery burns tender emotion encapsulate within grievance covertly,

Seeking redressal in the court of God, aflame pangs into deep sigh,

Succumbing to pangs have outlet with grave perceivable voice high;

Each sigh stands perceived as an opinion, wearer knows shoe pinch,

A liaison remains established without seeing eachother lest a lynch;

Prospective not yielding a truth, mother feeds her child when weep,

Pangs remain vulnerable like colorless Phosphorous with a sweep;

Glowing on an exit not only in darkness but all time ripe have exit,

Even non responding goddess are aware of tenderness, no resist;

Screaming out aloof all over the barren land entangle tough time,

Aimless unilateral love Virtuous yield to loss heard only in rhyme;

Who goes for want of one-sided love Batool! Out of the purview,

Chance once not avail, dump, archive never rewarded any review;

Who cares fortifying of my guarantee to care selfless and eternally,

In case of my failure worship Vinnie gets failure, I’ll die mentally;

Cognisence in your heart being altruistically by Zaffar an adorer,

When he dies you shall only find masses vested amid love explorer.   


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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