Socrates rightly perceived coming in power of low trait man’s rule,

Linchpin their hunger in lust and greed not afraid going bloody fool;

Wiseman, “Royal-Rajput-Blood” laid a “Maxim” a Universal Truth,

“Son acquires characteristics of mother since groomed in lap, youth;

Horse gets acquire, routine of its rider without any order anticipate,”

Socrates chosen a death, taking lethal poison’s cup with no dissipate;

Brimful cup of Hemlock settled issue of joining low caste trash, elite,

Horse-shoe-maker’s “Off-shoots“ scavenge cream of Nation a delete;

Doctor! “Next to God reckon, provided, they live in a medical ethic,”

Vested with merit on top in per-medical are further evaluated attic;

Undergoes arduous hard work to get qualification of medical doctor,

Under the canopy of an oath of Hippocrates start serving first aider;

Doctors are deemed to be taken as “Functional Statue” of messiah,

Not vested with substantive physiological needs of a human alma;

Neither moral duty bound to care their parents, self and offspring,

Lowest salaried amongst all the established service structures wing;

Simply wanted an improvements in their pay equal an Indian scales,

Their brethren satied with service conditions in neighbor, no derails;

Allegedly decided to protest on the sepulcher of Rapid Bus Service,”  

On the analogy of “Uncle Sam” preemptive drone attack in vogue,

At wee hours police battered messiah with third degrees afflict rogue;

“Catch-n-pick “hunting from wards, emergencies and intensive units,

Not sparing daughters of Fatima-binte-Abdullah on duty, no audits;

Billion of Rupees spent of Rapid earning from own not public mills,

Bus seen stagger , hobble and cart wheeling to cross a bridge still;

Waterloo of project in an advance stood established and witnessed,

Medical Doctors at the altar of loss of National Exchequer blindest;

Brutality, barbarism, callousness broke a world records of all times,

History never forgives Satan, remains alive in archive and rhyme;

Virtuous! Where had you gone? Yours sisters are getting a chastise,

Fatima (RA) alias Batool remains in hibernate caring not a downsize.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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