Dwelling buds from the lap of sweet mother, under whose feet lies heaven,

God says respect one’s mother with divine care, non doer tender a barren;

It’s not house, remains changing but home where one’s born is sure eternal,

Warmth in divinity with contentment vests in lap of mother seldom external;

Positive attention devoid of reservations remains essential part of a grooming,

Lullaby and berceuse flourish in budding mind awning devoid of any dooming;

Father’s smile with reserve, mother and grandmother showering words flower,

Care, cater, nurture and soothing  govern kid unit, each reciprocate as anchor;

Crow sitting on wall is the first attentive voice for a child, reproducing its voice,

Toys! All shining thing becomes a role model with fireflies at night a cute choice;

Suddenly, one finds oneself in invalidate realm recapitulated in gone with wind,

Ooh my home! Virtuous, Home enwrought in mother’s lap but that stood rescind;

One pangs that if kisses were rain drops one sends sweet home volley of showers

If hugs were scandal then ought to send hours, if smile was water then sea auger;

Memoir never devoid of shining fireflies and lightening stars but appear muddled,

Life fast approaching destined journey enter flux of senility with youth annulled;

A magnetism in Virtuous catch solicit, motivated for a divine adoration purpose,

Ensuing day makes increments worship atop pyramid reaching bit by bit an aegis;

There remains no foremost delight than a fundamental difference in someone’s life,

Walking in winter wonderland and summer scorched deserts don’t forever strife;

Do hate that my friends are so away, sure can’t wait for continuous Abeyance Day,

Infinitive life without notional worth has dragged adorer into premature Doomsday;

 The curiosity of viewpoint lies in Vinnie’s dimpled smile keeping worshiper agile,

Days, nights, dawns, dusk and decaying time passes, soon adorer shall exit senile.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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