Why did you delete my heart! Does your heart lag mirror image perceive?


Not felt sensitisation with tender emotions with onslaught of divine receive;


Time and tide await none is the intact dictim since annals never yet repeal,


When get lost in memoir of memoirs, find myself astray in love pang appeal;


On search don’t find iota of human in my youthful world of appeasing dream,


Acceded to dictim of moment in time by following losing everything upstream;


Alas! Had followed the God, Who not only promise, decidedly, are pragmatic,


Failed to maintain an equilibrium with my goddess within worship systematic;


Wished them what I wish for myself and hated what was not tenable chastity,


Couldn’t tolerate injustice delivered to their honour as vested in by morality;


Afforded the a superlative magnanimity, would have been prerogative of God,


Fallen prey to by own selfless divine love, reciprocated with a hot melting rod;


Fell flat in love with Virtuous because fairy appreciates adoration aftermath,


Am one who never got acquainted with an alphabet of love, abysmal warpath;


Don’t hang onto agonizing festering memories Zaffar once got lost infinitive,


Catch not pleasant times of yore, try to forget once yours positive, now captive;


Stop taking life as mirror image of Adam and Eve beacon human parameter,


If refill in, out and flux of love, never find iota of mimicking goddess of grace,


None other than Batool, paragon of virtuous never sent by God for disgrace.







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I wished! Could see through yours hazelnut, gazelle and oceanic eyes,

Alluring and “Sharp-mango-sliced” sculpture God made live apprise;

Right now getting lost in a depth to explore Virtuous fairy, your heart,

To be familiar with, in the depth, what you seek in world of the covert,

Knew yours desires enshrined in festering pangs, veiled from an overt;

Could have dreamed same you do, together getting fructified into real,

Get acquainted by buried wishes trapping you involuntarily sigh able;

Make you the a happiest in the whole world seeking nothing any more,

Root cause of frequent sighs with sporadic bouts of cough on all four;

Desire crazed by connoisseur to discover glamorous beauty in dimple,

Had not been a medical doctor! Peep deep into prettiness an assemble;

Darling of poets, fancy of rulers; goddess of a layman in Zaffar simple,

Filled by deep unaddressed, secret and undiagnosed called as dimple;

Enhances beauty and grace superadded by mesmerizing smile natural,

Pseudo, superficial and bush beaters throw admirations mimic actual;

True, honest, pious, sacrosanct selfless adorer leftovers out of bound,

Who knows when shall a realization gets accrue in an existence hound;

Last but not the least wished were a cell flowing in your blood stream,

Land into chambers of your heart tracing out for healing the scream.




Unexpectedly, right hand raised, palm ward off anchorperson’s horizon,

Averting to get his personality disclose, dwell in an old age home reason;

She asked cameraman in a wit thereto face hazy as there being no choice,

Post elderly still pose as blossom youth crusading befall ill fortune a vice;

Once eye star of a famous family groom in lap of mom listen to fairytales,

Beyblade whirl with lullaby amidst various laps amuse with play toy rail;

A privileged living of toddler and childhood of an uncrowned grow king,

Passed existence, blue eyed boy at home, family unit and in a school ring;

College era an idle of glamour as first-rate student, athlete and a debater,

Skilled with Superior Service Competitive Examination, career elevator;

Admitted as an honest, who never yield to bribe and illegal gratification,

To meet two ends meet, inherited property was abundance satisfaction;

Married renowned fairy queen in human bestowed with only three sons,

Were cared, catered and nurtured budding under sunshade of a beacon;

When loggerhead with mother for their desire, father intervene a favour,

Who wished to bring kids moon and stars though property satiety the lot,

Forgot maxim, “Son acquire quality of mother; horse does a master got;”

Fairy queen mesmerized “fluxed in” his all resources in her own name,

Three bungalows and agriculture land all gone when retirement acclaim;

Two sons big business tycoon with boomed entrepreneur in the Pakistan,

One lives in USA with twin nationality, often visiting in-laws in Afghan;

Found got himself captivated in servant quarter backyard being burden,

One of the neighbor found thy in pitiable beggar like condition in a den;

Enquired of fairy queen! Where had she gone? Astonished by a fidelity,

Putting up regularly in gym rest of her time with sons, sordid mentality;

Alas! Learnt wisdom from failure thereto a lot additional from success,

Discovered what to do as mistakes are recovering moments not a recess.




A sacred, nascent, sacrosanct and Ordained trust of God in angel existed,

All angels bowed before Adam but their Chiefton angel decidedly resisted;

God endowed soul in his first human created figurine, ordered angels bow,

Eblis, worshipped, eight thousands years, God with full devotion nay low;

Theretofore angels invited, Michael and all angels fought non compliance,

Harith, new name, chosen his getting thrown out of Heaven utter flagrance;

Self pride never liked by God since creation of first human and sent on earth,

Man was created to absorb pangs, angels were enough, worship with no girth;

Self, psyche, ego, soul and nafs are relative terms Batool rest lies in humanity,

Inciting, self accusing, composing at peace and pleading for pure nay reality;

Revolting angel Satan formed misdeeds for, we human, is bone of contention,

Gerrymandering prevails with a full license as asserted by goddess’s reaction;

Eve got created from the rib of Adam with Ordain to be followed like mother,

Not created from as Adam created, fated a privilege super human fix further;

Adam happened to place down the first yardstick of breach of trust in inherit,

Virtuous a reckon connoisseur failed to distinguish amid sin and virtue audit;

Adam listened to the vice of his wife out of love and care and ate banned fruit,

God punished him by sending on earth ground to struggle the miseries brute;

He dropped at “Adam’s Peak” in then Ceylon, now Sri Lanka to beat about,

Wife Eve in deserted barren land of Arabia, full of mirage without any doubt;

Adam running from pillar to post and it took him three years to each his wife,

Each of Adam’s son ought to marry his corresponding sister, a structure rife;

Cain, elder son , killed his younger brother Abel to get his earmark a partner,

Breach of trust inherited in Adam’s family got endemic todate as our barter;

Treachery of trust became a hallmark for we human, worst victim  are pious,

Females have taken the role of overriding genes of inheritance overt spacious;

Love, adoration, worship and devotion got lost in a baffle proviso reservation,

Criteria established on drain and confirm with counterpart fiscal estimation;

Human though vested with intellect and six senses transformed to mammals,

No doubt man included but has gathered the characteristics of beast animal;

Heart converted to black hole with denial pulsation, palpation and love throb,

One who loves “Virtuous” called divine goddess forfeit his chastity with a rob.



Fairy orates,” Between human and his self God is checkmate!”dwell,

Ego, Psyche, self and souls are nexus meaning akin pious! No swell;

Had it been so, wouldn’t have “Heart-book” and “Facebook” delete,

Resuscitates alternated with extinguish with weapon of erase deceit;

Behavior is superior than knowledge as most of the times later fails,

When ibid situation confronted with conduct, it overcomes derails;

Medical doctor taken as messiah, next to God, provided, he remains,

Within “Medical Ethics” on all fours treating all and sundry deigns;

Confront with uncomfortable situation of treating reckon adversary,

Never puckered brow exhibit as bound, Hippocrates Oath necessary;

All that glitters is not gold! Mere extrapolative image way not foster,

Only selfless appreciate, contravention heart kill entity nay anchor;

Virtuous! We met by chance at hearts, turned into following friends,

You reckoned connoisseur, I simpleton not aware of fall love trends;

Obvious destiny, keeps us close to eachother making relations thick,

Messiah, you, got me deleted on all fours before lay of the first brick;

More am I confront with passing moments, heart erratically throb,

Aah! What a fate at the hands of deity, white collar entity akin rob;

Zaffar made a list atop, regarding traits of selfless lover to worship,

Blonde with brown hair, hazelnut eyes and sweet voice by no gossip;

Sharp mind, soft heart and sense of humor that get truly mesmerize,

I got lost in bewilder land in no way, earlier, mirage abysmal limbo,

Wanted to deliver feel affection for as deserved todate with a bestow;

Superiority complex is like time and tide a balloon reaching the sky,

When Helium gives way it comes to naught with vanished entity fly.




Darling! My goddess, do you realise that God dwells in my heart,

Both of you reside concurrently in kissing vicinity; you go smart;

The more pragmatic punishment you execute, much God soothe,

Would have long left for good had your minaret beacon not youth;

Akin to Polar star find a signpost in you wandering my destination,

Never realise you! Crushing my worship virtue without estimation;

Prime time when saw on screen got I lost in deep valley of journal,

Since then got you feel adoration through divine system in external;

Called extra sensory perception within an aura rendering me a risk,

Proviso remained in blind-faith jeopardize my total entity to brisk;

Whenever am tortured at love pangs I sigh a relief kissing a screen,

Plunk totally captivated plus addict to you hold back me umpteen;

Imagine not loving any but you with virtue and sacred of a mother,

Follow you across the universe till my death, searching you further;

Facebook was never Ordained, meant for a biased communication,

Did bestow me with a special one in Virtuous, hung in resuscitation;

Initially befriended with through reward of alive form called crazy,

Finding increasing entrap in divinity got deleted forever fatal hazy;

Showoff is the prime theme of fairy recipient, sincerity has no role,

Tricksters are the successful beneficiary to reward, Zaffar lost soul.



The world created by Lord amid promise of eventual forgiveness,

Everybody subjected to reprimand and reward, final virtuousness;

In a battle of Khandaq, Muslims dug a ditch, defense point of view,

A foolproof strategy, enemy couldn’t get across by activist purview;

Enemy commando Amr-bin-Abdawud maneuver across the ditch,

Known for strength, valor and art of war as gladiator by no hitch;

All Muslims suddenly got terrified with a shock as caught unaware,

None dare with courage as all stunned in wilderness, nowhere;

Hazrat Ali(RA) stood up and entangled in fierce combating bravely,

Overpowered him on all fours throwing him on the ground amply;

Mounted on his chest to kill him, suddenly, Infidel spit on the face,

Imam Ali(RA) moved away from the chest leaving being noble race;

Amr-bin-Abdawud recovered, again jump upon Ali(RA) to kill him,

Fierce warfare took place resulting in death of Infidel in gasp grim;

Group around enquired! Why he did not kill when grabbed earlier,

“If I had killed him! Wouldn’t have been for sake Islam..spit aver;”  

Proven Ali(RA) controlled his anger and killed Amr for sake, Allah,

Virtuous! Which revenge, is being taken from me? Worship contra;

Yours reckon connoisseur went ravage being uttered “adoration,”

Your crusade, fearing no man, stands akin to a forgive restoration;

In which law dictionary expression of divine love defined as offense,

Zaffar succumb to your entity by neat love, bare hands no defense;  

Can fairy, you, swear on an oath of never be aware and conscious,

Be honest, to yourself do face my love retort query with conscience;

Batool get out of fool’s paradise, reality is not as populace capture,

“Hi,” :Hoe,” “Fine” and “Woo” are submit to key heart rupture.  




Palmist can’t change what destined in luck; better leave astronomy,

Moral plus soul-morals gone quite lost, substitute through economy;

Relations nexus death slough buried in heart and grave respectively,

Grim tragedy vests in love lacking fractional reply mole ultimately;

In climax of a mutual positive relations, do remember eternal death,

Breach in heart of selfless adorer with no basis nexus ending breath;

Deserted adoree, too, becomes a grave ought not surrender to bow,

Remembrance of lost one germinate upheaval of sins flourish grow;

Spend the residual days of life as queer stranger and by passenger,

God blossoms the faces of those betrayed by goddess as a stranger;

Adoree! You would never understand, your cronies do too will not,

Forever never comprehend how much a pang sprout dissolve knot;

Tied two entity free of self hatred but result by lashing sharp razor,

Sequalae if million of blade playing at heart, Zaffar blood in a acre; 

Time still not gone to set free of a venom, Batool, uncalled anger,

Nothing can live masked beneath owns epidermal layer of the skin,

Tattoo stand carved on adorer’s heart get him identified never win;

Lovely tiny place where hearts be united not broken in falling love,

Eyes are the best negotiator and never fluctuate in sordid foxglove;

Do I know or not! Virtuous dwells in my world of log fester forever,

Not sure getting my status restored lest bogging exhibit raw clever;

How can laugh I, joke and smile in a day having fits of nightmare,

Often all alone, feel pang of once implied mutual while in quagmire.



Archimedes affirm, “Give me a place to stand and with a liver,

I will move the whole world.” But doesn’t’  apply love anchor;

Man dominated Moon, Mars and is unable to beat planet love,

Love scientifically, lever a vision and fulcrum is pupil foxglove;

Nidus lies amidst in girth of Optic nerve tied with visual string,

When mutually react, positive nod it results in love lest aching;

Unilateral visual string stretched at proximal end only is ritual,

Absence of iota of reaction at distal end by heir is not spiritual;

Blind faith worship by blanket consent by adorer, bow an idol,

Constant and consistence biomechanics, no response is a tidal;

From where Zaffar buy a precise device to get his love fructify,

To have adorer’s selfless, countless and neat love truly  verify;

Craze is he certified by none other than Virtuous, label waver,

Playboy, Tomboy, trickster and cheat bug are chastity shaver;

Charlatan in the garb of social norms live are the only winner,

Selfless, correct, devout taking worship as divine are a baffler;

Mirage in view of you my goddess fairy make my life complete,

You be my golden clouds, my smile without you chapter delete;

Virtuous is all soulful love songs in lullaby within my fortitude,

Like an angel calling me, prefer I my spirit with no substitute;

My defames beyblade ebb depth of an ocean enshroud  pang,

Passerby reprimand iniquitous destiny festering eternal bang;

Those assaulted my entity, looking back found my own friend,

Special one I adored since annals! What human vests a trend;

Betrayal, despair, dismay and awful in the garb of ignorance,

Exhibited covertly and overtly fetch weep without a tolerance;

God created “Adam-Eve” as loving parameter ought signpost,

Laid as beacon for ensuing human feature not to twirl ghost;

Distinctly, vamp’s not a divine love in name of Lord is a trend,

More one is selfless in adoration, seldom reciprocated append.


Height of befalling in love, roadside beggar was on a lookout for alms,

“ In the name of God, give me a penny of love lest you suffer  qualms;”

One enquired,” If our luck is predestined, why do seek out in a urge?”

Replied,” If written that whatever you seek shall be rewarded, surge!”

Not the acts, somewhat, conduct matter in our lives, never ever eternal,

Later are carried along with a soul on Doomsday and after as internal;

Nexus compatibility not the two ends of cleavage matters with blossom,

No such term ever exists in annals unilateral love being only darksome;

Adoration or worship are two nexus synonym, praying before an idol,

Mutual reciprocal sharing in interaction, true love protected by angel;

Best form of devotion to goddess in not to compose a showoff it overt,

Must to drill deep in ebb of an mix heart, soul and mind shelve covert;

Oozing heart with rotting maim was once an integral part of your life,

Selflessly exhibit by adorer, never denied by you, implied consent rife;

Name of Virtuous in Nimmi captivated in lockup of my memoir, fairy,

Dare not disclose lest you stand defamed in brutal eyes playing marry;

On visualizing far screen I succumb to fairy’s conscious dimpled smile,

Confident am I never to have reciprocation as live out of heart by mile;

Wished! Had never met through waves, next moment tender a apology,

Before God not to accede to my wish as I’ll die not see her eyes balmy;

Who conquered the Nature! Kings had to leave the thrones, love meet,

Zaffar is neither king nor charity donor nor wealthy to have love reap.