The places of worships, Mosque, Temple  and Churches are free, but, are deserted and empty,

Whereas, clubs are paid and get the sweat and blood honest earning sucked devoid of chastity;

Holy books Qur’an, Bible and Ga eta freely available for recitation but remain untouched in shelf,

Internet is paid with impersonated personnel playing with emotions reign ending sarcastic self;

No one cares  show good deeds booking for free “Heaven” however remains ready buying “Hell”

Social, educated, modern and elites are incrementing lies with breach of promise, end not well;

Only victim of breach of promise at receiving end knows where the shoe pinches with festering,

An upright entity suffers in the pan of fish without water with a residual life in bed ridden aching;

Clay pot with honey shall be ranked superior in the eyes of God than a golden pot having poison,

No one’s overt glamor, smile, beaded teeth and dimple in checks, but,  covert virtues are reason;

One’s life is the mirror image of life pattern of one’s distinctiveness through cognisence of a choice ,

It is not existence of one’s being to fulfill totipotent satiety as one has to cross sea with rejoice;

  Crux, what significant to one is mutual reciprocal sharing interaction of relations share,

  Memories of find irresistible pangs vulnerable to soothing by love poultice not nightmare;

 Give love with calculated risk a chance to swallow with shared interaction as divine believer,

 Deem not presume it shall happen like splash of lightening from sky! None helps as reliever;

 Often happens it befalls with surprise without knowledge of getting enfluxed, one knows,

 Is acknowledged and reckoned-most rewarding act of luck, an experience ever have glows;

Tolerance dealt with patience are knowledgeable going through study of light beacon virtue,

All and sundry ought to learn from sun and moon both tolerantly await turn with no argue;

One’s life beyblade approach of choice one prefers, always never, too, late opting better pick,

Never taken in life fulfillment of totipotent satiety without swimming across oceans beatnik.






About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.


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