Free from soul human shall not speak lie except a truth, nothing other than truth,

Medical Jurist vested amid lowest threshold of suspicious of doubt, not a uncouth;

All the injuries on the body are flourishing trueness signpost tell tale obvious fact,

Non expertise consisting of numerical panel are hoodwink with mirage of artifact;

Maxim, “While expressing an opinion, all circumstances cognisence into purview,

Before declaring the final verdict on cause of death lest it becomes topic, review;”

A social harm in the society at the behest of affluent vagrant, elite plus a pressure,

Called crime consisting of two prerequisite to form impairment with raged anger;

Mens rea is an “Evil thought” in Latin, a is compulsory constituent forming crime,

Carried out through action cognisenced,”Actus Reus” festering maim for lifetime;

To close up a mystery of Kamran Feisal, investigating officer of the NAB Agency,

Elites consisting of rulers, bureaucrats and are pseudo elite kids forming regency;

Numerical augment in a number of examining doctors in the garb of an expertise,

Does not solve an enigma, currently hostage topic of the Nation validate  a caprice;

Body was allegedly in standing position as tied through suspension point to a fan,

Irrespective, mode of hanging accruing of postmortem staining on hand, not ban;

Had the DNA finger prints taken from the material used at the upper fixed tie end,

A vital crime detection basics in investigation of misdeed a stereo standard trend;

Similarly, DNA fingerprint of the neck tissues beneath  noose encircling the neck,

Epidermis under the nail of deceased to rule out epidermis of the accused fleck;

Under law in decided case, those who are at the helm of affairs getting fulfilled evil,

Within “Evil thought and design” to get innocent eliminated are gibbet held artful;

Action done during capricious demands to yield to evil design of coercive illegality

Are held responsible alongside achiever to a judicial hanging till death is a reality;

Court is to decide the tenable coercive pressure to get its own verdict implemented,

Ruling out mode of hanging irrespective of prevalence of getting it supplemented;

District Medical Board and Provincial shall hardly address the “Judicial domain,”

Justice is getting resuscitated on heart-lung machine, may not survive it’s remain.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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