Wandering from pillar to post in war I, God bestowed me a covert messiah,

Taking humanity in a purview, “Virtuous” cognisence pillar to post dogma;

Folks having an access to canopy, linchpin shelterless abysmally in a limbo,

“Heaven home” is out of make, meant only saints not sinner Zaffar in billow;

Every daylight accrue as a empty folio incur luck diary as part of our lives,

The secret of success vests in rotary log into the best story with valor drive;

Believing in oneself with willpower thereto conquer, uncalled, a covert fear,

Striving for the best fruitful yield stands achieved with no shedding of tears;

Ambition score during painstaking struggle can conquer into reality dreams,

Fair natural task of lodging crusade of success never seen dejected by scream;

Respect God and His goddess! Walk away from anything that doesn’t serve,

Could neither nurture nor happy inspite of maximum efforts with no reserve;

One is never alone in the world as never planned by Nature but among merger,

Family survive as fittest for existence through families off shoot never bachelor;

Several shared interacted their emotion based on upset, others locked tightly,

By captivating oneself as alone as going throughout hard moment is not rightly;

No one is alone in the voyage, ups and downs so don’t take hard to frail heart,

Fantastic work in vogue, steps forward to avail lest people, with you, go smart;

Perfectly flawed assembly into our expedition with vigor and valor is called life,

Test the fill with tears to enter the gateway leading successful journey with fife;

If absorbing miseries by playing flute doesn’t work, it mean a snag in struggle,

Life is, too, short to be unhappy, dismal, saddened and dejected through boggle;

Luck only facilitates one who crusade with willpower, valor and never dejected,

Hardly, one comes athwart to speck that not man but struggle ever get dejected.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.


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