One ought to build the groundwork of our undisclosed yet new pious connection,

Based on merely affirmative, vigorous and helpful bricks with a mutual reaction;

If one, out of unilateral love, drags the aged, pessimistic plus ghostly lost memoir,

Instinctive in mind, individual is very soon going away from dwelling in boudoir,

Getting enfluxed in new mode of ego censorship hitting one’s head against bricks,

One might sacrifice one’s life for adoration yet remains unaware of female tricks;

An amalgam of stereotype unenthusiastic bricks, vulnerable to harmful chances,

Expecting reciprocacity of dealings from fairy renders one’s life paid in blanches;

Those based on otherwise momentous cindering reciprocal relationship is waste,

I’m sorry? One’s receipt, tolerance and self-worth becomes victim of a bad taste;

Existence remains falls at a distance, evidently, diminutive entity’s tearing apart,

Pious love has turn into marketable occupation of privileged playing game smart;

One doesn’t forever has a capacity of make deemed to be elegant, strong and agile,

There leftovers are tortuous, panged, maimed and covert festering without smile;

Adoration is never acquiescent to a proof, rather, befalls like flash of a lightening,

Going glowing doesn’t constitutes muted concern but broadcasted in brightening;

Care not what all populace think about and enwrap love in cry, mourn and wail,

Vigorous characteristic of weeping with tears is divine sooth of love to get a trail;

The sooner one becomes a realists through enhanced reckons do as the Roman do,

Pure, pious, divine, nascent, sacrosanct adorers shall respect goddess not to glue;

Smile is not criteria to stand testimony to gratification and peace of mind restore,

Tolerance, composedness, faith and respect shall yield shared love in downpour;

An illusion of sense of strong in feel affection for fairy penalty into self problems,

Decidedly, daydream in vicious watercourse running in a fool’s paradise customs;

Zaffar can’t put on pseudo outfit of commerciality in the garb of long for for love,

Virtuous residing Nimmi shall never forfeit the imitation existing within foxglove.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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