Why! Silent, haunting, saddened, secluded, wail and mourning orchard grave,

What indispensable entity! Beautiful, valor, gladiator, crusader and the brave;

Lying underneath inhabitant of ensuing world after getting tested-Doomsday,

Existence be transient phase thereof generation sheltering envisage Broadway;

Have their own divine entities free from world Onaway to eternality in canopy,

Unreservedly vested sharing interaction of their own inhabitant stirring amply;

We inhabitant of this world include no stipulation to see and talk them through,

They feel, share, repent and move by our conduct using soul our breakthrough;

Since origin, design of being life ought to extinct absorbing generations reality,

Yours public infinitive fold exceed world usurper running amuck significantly;

This world remains ignorant of an eternal journey in your lap reign in plunder,

Shooting their brethren, conscience, moral and an unabated of sordid blunder;

Gross discrimination in acts and deeds on your belly show by religious tycoon,

Animal world is saving it’s face with shy, wail and mourn by ancestor baboon;

Misusing the Authority of Lord, violating Principle’s operate called preacher,

Those who selflessly impart free knowledge to poor masses are divine teacher;

Daughter of Eve is getting sarcast by son of Adam, husband, loss of virginity,

Medically, hymen is absent in 8% of females, besides, other causes, as chintzy;

Life for civilised, knowledgeable, conscientious and individual became highway,

It doesn’t mean how long! is mode traceable signboard, sin celebrate birthday;

Once in a while one’s horrifying days do get substitute by excellent era sphere,

Ought to memorize these days since beacon chandler emitting beam of welfare;

Have to be preserved in a container secured as guideline impacted onto a brain,

Ibid days kept contentment covertly and overtly balmy lest find them in drain;

Ooh God! Enlighten what is dark in me, strengthen what is weak in my entity,

Mend what is broken in me vis-à-vis my goddess, making mine with certainty;

Fasten pang scruffy in me stealthily with healing of my evermore maim heart,

Facilitate me conducive pilgrimage to “Virtuous Batool” unreachable todate,

Residing in Nimmi “Home from Heaven” acknowledge me as Adorer update.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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