Can’t judge myself appallingly simpleton creature acquainted vagaries of females,

Said to be vigilant Forensic Scientist vested with lowest threshold diagnosis males;

Threshold of iota of trivial suspicious of doubt is first step for professional survive,

Studded with honesty, upright, softhearted, divinity and composedness to revive;

Felony of vagaries of fair sex lies in new advent of fashion beyblading through love,

On the custom of change of dress made up of inflicting love pang playing foxglove;

Puppet with sincere, devoted, affectionate, loving individual in the garb modernity,

Those who are playboy and fast enough ruin chastity of puppeteer with heartburn;

 No one ever have a front seat in our lives, prefer remaining loved from a distance,

Not well conversant with protocol of divine love and reciprocate with a resistance;

Amazing to get adore during least moment with drainage of negative compatibility,

Cognisence unenthusiastic working relations befooling selfless love with reliability;

Schoolwork flux of bond being bewitched upon you by Batool dwelling in a Nimmi,

All are polite and conducive unless one stands mirage finding them eternal Ginny;

God created alluring beauty in flowers, birds, nature and nascent female creatures,

Colour mishmash of our dresses are based on different coloured divine preachers;

Which one crusade valor or otherwise was never destined by God in Adam and Eve,

Commerciality has rendered true, sincere and die heart adorer an eternal bereave;

From lap of mother grooming to grave one be path uphill and gets fallen downhill,

Squeeze the life out to overcome may perhaps keep going but never achieve uphill;

All and sundry have profitable drama devoid of positive reception of flux of entity,

More one seek admiration, augmentation, love and peace of mind is least reliability;

Never trouble-free for simpleton to decide to be on a lovemaking seated front row,

Gets entrapped in character suffer fiefdom of fairies with no full stop to a burrow.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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