Decidedly, motionlessness stretches endless and recurring cleavage between us,

Worries me as to how your away when I catch your eye my goddess with truss;

Hoping trivial smile to resuscitate and reassure my festering pangs with a fear,

While stature out as to what I did wrong whereas you turned back at me dear;

Awaiting for the moment where it finally clicks that I have done really stupid,

It is how my heart stops thumping imagining this might be last minute, cupid;

You have pushed all and sundry away from myself to be left without anything,

Leaving a short story in your elapsed work of fiction and that scares me most,

When you deleted me from yearbook who cares for my entity in furnace roast;

Once a while beyblading bad days, did have an charming delusion of good day,

A day flush dreaming confident you remember those days never amuck astray;

Treasure them safely in chambers of heart, God dwells adjacent without a bar,

Impacted in memoir core of intelligence functioning out as eternal secured jar;

Illusion of once hey days becomes residual remnant part of life as better living,

You need to rememorize my goddess, tenderness prevailed with pangs battling;

You never denied inner core lodging of my love expressing covet and implied,

Would often nod through Hi or stealing of eyes from camera positively relied;

Batool “”Virtuous” zoom through eyes in my heart, through screen, as trigger,

Countless palpation, pulsation, throbbing and flutter enwrought me as striker;

Nimmi heaven home pangs my dwelling, restless, maim and decaying a wound,

Unable to ignore and deny my worship, vested reciprocal love on valid ground;

Withholding reciprocacity of love “receive signal” overstretched  in jiffy delay,

Falls within, “Love delayed is love denied“ blocking the reciprocal love relay;

What love enshrine in worshiping an idol in temple! A unilateral with restrain,

 Adorer shall wait ibid goddess till falls in deep death valley, eternal constrain.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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