Promise! Sacred, pious and sacrosanct divinity between Prophets (PBUT) and God,

Two sanctity, one implied and second written within mandatory on oath lest fraud;

Human characteristics are not diagnostic on social exhibit but hidden trivial covert,

Small nidus lying deep in an inner core regarding promise fulfillment upbeat overt;

A miser is superlative than philanthropist to straightway refuse hopeful of  promise,

Neither betraying nor dodging needy to allow thy explore benefit conducive solace;

Whilst pledge of financial implications, relations and entities befalling called barter,

Ignorance toward, “I’ll call you!” is disregard to a basic animal also human charter;

My special one praying in a temple oath me calling back but in futile with ignorance,

Breach of a promise annul special one’s image, besides, culpable to a sin essence;

Missing special one each moment, even, a day further than last one interacted with,

It’s voyage one day closer to next promise indulging sharing interaction forthwith;

All the hope dweller in relationship cherish the time once with them, law of nature,

Once enjoyed in mirage and sham expectation delivering selfless love to a creature;

One never knows if aberrant luck decides to end life through cessation special one,

Wondering what could have been done better for adorer! Repentance nothing done;

Understanding beyblade left with excitement of mutual starting flash thereto fructify,

Mistakes do teach an experience to one throughout pure love just about not  rectify;

Grow and learn never succumb to a mediocre ignorant of love opportunist playing,

Opportunity which is value seeking a courage to take action lest moments slaying;

Yeah! My destination berceuse with palpating, pulsating and throb of heart signpost,

Walking along the depleted love road with no signboard superimposed by a ghost;

While apparently vagrant with me are shadows hissing and kissing my sordid luck,

How long anyone sustains bearing of a betrayed and dejected Zaffar with life pluck. 


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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