Presumption of survivorship sought, careworn am I in residual age,

What youth! Entered present era from toddler in self captivate cage;

Covert scolding for expression of love to special one, culpable crime,

Love linchpin in mother’s lap, berceuse and lullaby heard in rhyme;

Stood mistaken at the request of heart to express love to special one,

Thy incriminate me in an eternal fate of fish without water in arson;

Caught by boorish mob of self suffered messiah to punish me lesson,

Love declared sordid act vulgarity culpable with punishment treason;

Award capital punishment of death through pelting of barbed stone,

Jesus Christ (PBUH) happen to pass by, stopped render them atone;

Asked, to “Throw stones at ‘Adorer Zaffar’ who never involved love!

Even in berceuse and lullaby full of love in mother’s lap like dove:”

Special one argued to be being pious one par excellence Jesus Marry,

Never thought of being loved with getting burnt my entity left ashy;

Matter got resolved acquitting the poor adorer and freed to abysmal,

He had no option but totter pillar to post in limbo looking sky babble;

Dark is the night away from wee hours, my heart in grave despair,

Fell, I in love with “Virtuous” because her eyes soothe and repair;

Beaconed love when I forget to love myself during mode of silence,

Draw us jointly since we are comfortable with eachother resilience;

Can arbitrarily mutually sit together with hope of merging selflessly,

Hope is a pictogram of true life built of stanch faith fishing restlessly;

Dirge time shall pass as regime of annals left with only the patience,

Dreams act come true sooner or later, one pangs for futile mergence;

I loved unmade bed seemed divan full of flowers not expected thorn,

Cherished finding my beloved enthralling with drunken eyes inborn;

Crying is outlet of honest moments taken as cause of love dejection,

Special one put honest, true and Fidel love, with reciprocal rejection;

Never realised maxim, “Owe one who loves you with true die heart, 

Not one you love that hearten loved one to betray thy going smart;”

Wakeup my love world is not as you have taken but enmass lust leer,

Only wearer knows where the she pinches, one find mimic love sheer.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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