Liability and confidence are two integral appendages tightly absolute,

Both are interdependent unit never vulnerable to partway but resolute;

Rejection matters one has gone during and other have put one through,

One doesn’t lose one’s entity rather embraces happiness eternal brew;

Hardly it is to make horse drink water when coerced onto a clean pond,

Passion is reckoned to be mutual and reciprocal lest lasts not dawned;

Zilch can stop an adorer from divine worship and love of any goddess,

May it be paragon of virtuous and sweet home from heaven bacchus;

Great journey of love always initiated by adorer seeking divine tough,

Unless bilateral, mutual and reciprocal it gets settles as dramatic bluff;

Adore passage astray in limbo for want of true, devoted and keen love,

Devotion, dedication, divinity and spirituality of love constantly shove;

Non pursuance of thoughts come true with goals enshrouded in a fears,

Can never be taken out by all and sundry but self with weeping tears;

Quitting it before even try to express letting life river go downstream,

Even mother never feeds her child unless child cries, wail and scream;

Easily said to choose stronger taking love boat unilaterally upstream,

Select things in life moving, let other cry on trivial wounds off steam;

How can I afford exit my divine pilgrimage in callous hand of nature,

God helps those who help themselves not holds good in idol creature;

Fullness is defined as mutual reciprocal between fairy love and adorer,

One may bring stars and moon in her lap lacking success via Restorer;

Who! None other than God to melt the goddess’s heart, soul and mind,

No mission including love fructifies independently lest amidst grind;

Only luck can transform the struggle into happiness of eternal victory,

Lest umpteen love book speak volume of ignorance reasons in history;

Everyone is recipient of growing a pain with experience of sooth rain,

Freeze on love affairs gets replaced with wholeness equator, polar zone,

Nay does melt the love ice once frozen even with eternal fire of drone.   



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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