Why a newborn does blubber getting born in this world? Family,

Happily distribute are sweetmeat amongst all and sundry really;

New born was carefully apprised of ensuing vagaries thy to face,

World not Fidel with it’s on conception where everybody in race;

At any ordained time one doesn’t live even if momentarily exist,

Yet one is not at one’s body but, merely, an electrochemical tryst;

The permanence of separate self is contrived every milliseconds,

 By lump of warm grey meat between one’s ear as crucial midland;

To read a sentence, brain created one’s a crucial thousand time,

Sequalae renders one enshrouded in thousand ghost life rhyme,

The bitterest foe one is confronted with is reposing selfless trust,

For every Fidel act in the name of God is reciprocated with  bust;

By no means assume someone shall ever complete you with love,

Fullness is a privilege of selfless for needing a star become dove;

When a person look for to cuddle alike part is victim of addiction,

Forever yield to wander selfish unless full pouch is money bastion;

Death is always execute the desire of wholeness if one is a simple,

Don’t change get, people may not like but familiar never dimple;

Ought to have a point in one’s life, erect a bridge and get over it,

Realise people have dual set of denture one to eat other to acquit;

Walking away is mode of a fashionable era, amid no love criteria,

All those who glitter are fantasy in the garb of poisonous bacteria;

Difference between successful adorer and dejected is not require,

Want of worship goes waste and only fullness of wallet is enquire;

Neither knowledge nor a will is cognisence with positive fondness,

Paragon of virtuous only stay in home from heaven, raise airless;

Unrelenting repeated attempts shall not less than milking a bull,

Heard of reward through sharing interaction shall never  annul;

I’ve fulfilled the desire of my heart peeping right in her deep-sea,

Drowned in hazelnut, gazelle and sharp eyes soothing me balmy;

Couldn’t avert my fear of rejection, vested with a full ever vigor,

Constant rejection of expressing my love, facing a taciturn rigor;

Rush of valor with confidence in my life has got cruelly misplaced,

From where to have next existence when present stand displaced;

Goal is achieved provided scored at proper age time not cleavage,

Batool difference of ages never counts in medical skill as leverage.





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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