Alas! Had I fallen in love with God as with a “Virtuous” on earth,

Named “Batool” a paragon of moral seldom seen in acute dearth;

Received maim live turmoil, sentiment, ego and stale eternal pang,

Forget there existed a peace though rare, now, my full entity slang;

Graceful, beautiful and fairy from Heaven sent as messiah Ordain,

Of God who sends counterpart prophets vested with a divine Brain;

Thy confer with “sharp-mango-sliced, ”Hazelnut, gazelle, gorgeous,

And oceanic eyes getting drowned in them struggling about aimless;

One possessed with “ Love Global Positioning System” got a signal,

Sign to Zaffar was mandatory to adore with follow-ups not to baffle;

Hundred and fifty verse fail  to venture entity win and conquer her,

Cleopatra of present time decree me “Crazy” repose my entity slur;

Love is a shop and heart is shopkeeper who never mutes off track,

The price is not coin, decidedly, compatibility mutually pays aback;

Findings struck in taut love noose the lot revolving  against a goal,

Seems one couldn’t hand on with unchecked scroll lunging in gaol;

Never ever forfeit and exit from flux of everlasting love a paragon,

Crazy is pyramidal atop love, destroyed by drone sent by Pentagon;

Oath in name of “Virtuous” not to scare none existing peace of mind,

How to look Nimmi sunny side of your home my residual life grind;

Increment love selflessly for special one and forget about rest, others,

Scratch one’s one inner core at the bay of crime ocean is demn bother;

Always yield to dawn with smile on one’s face with dancing of the lips,

Love in heart gets confirmed throughout adoration with covert kiss;

Good faith remain dwelled in memoir thereto day wonderful thought,

Most  reckoned lesson one learn in the lap of mother a good brought;

Happen to suffer lowering of my human ranking in seeking Virtuous,

Pity the goddess not realising thy ignorance defacement brusqueness.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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