If someone asks you Batool who am I, straightway utter crazy outsider,

Dwells in my heart not to leave, acclaim to be enduring eternal insider;

Unimportant friendship based on fragile and strong fluctuating thread,

Based on lie half true and half false, dream woven over imagine spread;

Mimic a flower of cold shoulder dry stuff, by an imagination unsought,

Imitate mine with a weird wonderful relation in reality a factual fiction,

Some lunatic, a little my adorer vested with divine covert love in apron;

Just a good excuse for life’s best friend when he is away seems nothing,

Rebirth in this world is impossible even than thy owe life to me baffling;

He swears an oath before Lord in whose hand is his life, remain sincere,

Adoration par excellence a care in love notify divine and witted austere;

Mainly definitely we try by means of jeopardy and starving to a hunger,

With pasting of worldly wise wares of lives and outgrowth of a ambler;

Decidedly, give glad tiding to those who tolerantly akin maim persevere,

It exhibits crusading of valour neither less nor more reward in besmear;

Zaffar in search of man possessed with bad deeds, failed to find a man,

Covert heavenly peep into interior of a heart found no such himself can;

Life guides a gentleman onto dreadful character entity drifting to a hell,

Setting amidst flowing stream of volcano with sins with bad deed swell;

A self praise with self fondness with stubbornity is itself a jealous goal,

Enwrought him in dead conscience solitude captivation in eternal gaol;

Incarcerating engulfs adorers fate abysmal in limbo unclaimed entity,

Paragon virtuous shall swell divinity till Jesus Christ arrive certainty;

Lord sent a home not house Nimmi from heaven used for Batool dwell,

Thy not aware of being confer with messiah not title, a timeless indwell.  



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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