At a wee hour twilight glisten my dark room like a broken star,

Falling on earth from sky throbbing my heart beat like a guitar;

Cracking thunder storm with flash of lightening fiery my entity,

Found in an open under cat and dog showering my only chastity;

Struggling for resuscitation felt en-domed under sanctified canopy,

Fairy holding mechanism tightly intact knowing the art of recipe;

 A warmth felt within a flux of shadow not yet identifiable defined

Explored sitting adjustant to deity shadow, my life stood refined;

Sitting on bi-seater bench at the brim of mirror imaged loaf goon,

Shadow crystal clear seen in water coming from sky as Neptune;

 Fairy emerged from lake standing on water looking with a smile,

Wanted a mutual sharing interaction although infinitive a mile;

Her heart synchronized amid counterpart, a mutual harmonies;

  Talked throwing multi colour  flowers befalling me to memories;

Never seen such a beauty in my advance age! Beautiful, graceful,

Voluptuous, luscious and sumptuous fairy magnetize successful;

“Sharp-mango-sliced, “hazelnut, gazelle gorgeous oceanic eyes,

 Cleopatra nose befitting her face divine alluring with hypnotize;

Proclaimed serving of humanity particularly the females sufferer,

  Victim of vitriolage, rape, battering and financial succumb altar;

Forgotten Eve the origin of mother, sisters and daughters but lust,

Taken a swap commodity bypass groom in mother lap with trust;

On query to her entity, told queen of fairies named Batool moral,

Addressing the griences through elimination with a divine floral;

Facilitating time, relations and fiends by removing the cleavage,

Festering, raw and oozing pangs getting pacify poultice bandage;

When got reposed mutual trust, faith, confidence and a Fidelity,

Eyes opened found was a nightmare enshrouded around Infidelity.




Written by Batool

Where does pre-doomsday world got settled substantive values left,

 Four chambers of a heart transformed to multidimensional cleft;

All and sundry enshrouded in grief, dwell in self captivated gaol,

Anguish from loss of ego, honor and chastity with infinitive goal;

Akin to only grieve, sorrow and brutality at hands, low mentality,

 Essence of mirth stood event of past, heard in berceuse as  reality;

 Conversion of dreams into authenticity got perished in the annals,

 Prays before God for execution of one’s valid demand spur tunnel;

Doors of pleasurable life stand closed swamp in sordid hardship,

Self veneration aperture patent whirling in modesty, a heir-ship;

 Not animals but humans remain shut with closed venue exertion,

Once called sleep by closed eyes is with open eyes nail bludgeon;

Access to poverty stands unlock with starvation, what idea wealth!

Masses remain entrapped in beyblade with children devoid, health;

Doors of hope stood snatched, dragged in vale of readiness, death,

Counted are ensuing days barely left awaiting levy on each breath;

Voyage to crusade listening grievances, affected not yet permitted,

Qua planted mockeries at the helm of affairs gets exposed a acrid.



Wanted, but, never dared asking a question to Batool regarding!

In heart I know I wouldn’t be able to clutch her anger aching;

Tears can be rapt more trustfully than smile as later is custom,

Decidedly, crying for anybody is not viable without an autumn;

 Getting thrown in “loneliness ocean” made responding thankful,

Mercy is Prerogative of God bestowed on human always artful;

For sake Batool’s chastity I prefer sacrificing my own existence,

Wished had got complete satiety of taken adorer, no resistance;

My special! Had I been in love by God, wouldn’t seen these days,

 Time has seen peak falling to naught when goddess falls strays;

Brute plays game of mock with rung of ladder achieving target,

Achievers forfeiting their roots origin as outlaw dons of bandit;

Not realising chapters of history split out gladiator also vanish,

Dust of a pride reek awfully in limbo warrior getting in tarnish;

Never forget Virtuous avoiding Zaffar’s name trap denigrate

Would boast repose trust and faith in him, your love generate;

Decidedly, clouds of blessings rain on Batool as eternal season,

Every word of her prays never gets ignored by God as reason;

Zaffar the adorer shall wait thy in Nimmi, home from heaven,

Shall die, but, not his festering pangs with grave lamp beacon?




Of all the animals man is a lethal, cruel, brutal and sordid,

One who inflict a pain on fellows like sadist’s pleasure bid;

Vested with acquired uniqueness not in other multicellular,

Cannibalism is befitting term where animals shy his angler;

Animals don’t eat own flesh thereto quench thirst by blood,

Super human-being mocker slant live blood pooling in flood;

Disciplined norm, decorum, ways and unity vest in animal,

Scott free devoid of grooming in mother’s lap lust in brothel;

Has reached the moon thereto walk called advance science,

Gone astray from the civilization forfeiting a piety essence;

Cancer was blamed man killer among a nidus lying in tissue,

Tender agonizing condition nonstop even gladiator eschew;

Halagu and Genghis khan made pyramids of human skull,

Recognition of mankind vis-à-vis animal remain in a mull;

One gain courage vested amid details expect man not good,

A good friend messiah selfless messiah and not Robin hood;

 Love is worth effort not Facebook susceptible to a deletion,

Experience teaches that what glitters is not gold but arson;

Which great stuff but showpiece fairies and not mimic real,

Living idols do have heart to pang and reciprocate surreal;

An adorer is often ignored as compared to false persevering,

Half hearted adoration get toss from pillar to post reversing;

Mutual plus reciprocal sharing interaction yields a reward,

Virtuous not possessed with beating heart to throb an award.


Alas! Had I fallen in love with God as with a “Virtuous” on earth,

Named “Batool” a paragon of moral seldom seen in acute dearth;

Received maim live turmoil, sentiment, ego and stale eternal pang,

Forget there existed a peace though rare, now, my full entity slang;

Graceful, beautiful and fairy from Heaven sent as messiah Ordain,

Of God who sends counterpart prophets vested with a divine Brain;

Thy confer with “sharp-mango-sliced, ”Hazelnut, gazelle, gorgeous,

And oceanic eyes getting drowned in them struggling about aimless;

One possessed with “ Love Global Positioning System” got a signal,

Sign to Zaffar was mandatory to adore with follow-ups not to baffle;

Hundred and fifty verse fail  to venture entity win and conquer her,

Cleopatra of present time decree me “Crazy” repose my entity slur;

Love is a shop and heart is shopkeeper who never mutes off track,

The price is not coin, decidedly, compatibility mutually pays aback;

Findings struck in taut love noose the lot revolving  against a goal,

Seems one couldn’t hand on with unchecked scroll lunging in gaol;

Never ever forfeit and exit from flux of everlasting love a paragon,

Crazy is pyramidal atop love, destroyed by drone sent by Pentagon;

Oath in name of “Virtuous” not to scare none existing peace of mind,

How to look Nimmi sunny side of your home my residual life grind;

Increment love selflessly for special one and forget about rest, others,

Scratch one’s one inner core at the bay of crime ocean is demn bother;

Always yield to dawn with smile on one’s face with dancing of the lips,

Love in heart gets confirmed throughout adoration with covert kiss;

Good faith remain dwelled in memoir thereto day wonderful thought,

Most  reckoned lesson one learn in the lap of mother a good brought;

Happen to suffer lowering of my human ranking in seeking Virtuous,

Pity the goddess not realising thy ignorance defacement brusqueness.


Sometimes, it is better to maintain still rather interaction share feel,

It hurts shoddily realising being heard yet ignored with sordid reel;

Comprehend, through life time happen confronted so many people,

Never brink, even, various just wanders not realising they’re pupil;

Various ought believe never at all to imagine where to take by turn,

Wander self residual life beating the time bush imperceptibly burn;

Life name of inadvertence confronting harsh facts, can’t we refuse,

Thereto struggle to grab things rather holding tight to get a defuse;

Once cognisenced does not prerogate vested right defeat anyone else,

Goal tides, eventually, finding swayback to messiah effortless hence;

Messiahs appearing in our lives for iota glimpse to be adored loved,

When sense receiving cherished, sign dislike calling “crazy” bluffed;

Neither help nor harm nor allure a realistion adoration sent by God,

Refuse to seek worshiper in the costume of play believing him fraud;

Hold the thread of puppets with peaceful superfluous model of heart,

Nay does acknowledge perception of love reign warrior spirit smart;

Adorer often fail impress upon though back falling not take a peace,

Efforts of wisdom pledge to “Virtuous “renounce adorer into piece;

Someday goddess shall realise her mistake when time not in access,

Shall keep never too late, love stay repeating till become an abscess?





Time has witness a peak of mounting sun getting settled is sunset,

Extinguishing lamp emitting sparkling light in humidity and wet;

Every conscience is not barter moreover sell able article of trade,

Diamond totter valueless in heap of junk none  ready for a tirade;

Insignificant spent bullet like worthless coins at time prove major,

Adoration with divinity, pride-honor not sin expressed by ager;

Helpless in the world par excellence adorer lacking loom restless,

Seen destitute engorging in lap of adversary milking breast less;

With blessings of God seen some raw hand swimming on water;

Messiah violating law of nature repulsing adorer with slaughter;

People protest through hue and cry for problems not addressed,

Stones seen dissolved in an alcohol neither crushed nor pressed;

There is zero like a drive on a crisp fall day via beautiful autumn,

Foliage up to a citrus orchard to breathing a sigh in open solemn;

Life is best at its simplest walking through row of trees in breeze,

Looking for that perfect orange to pick-taste with teeth beauties;

Autumn is my favorites time of the year going out hunting deer,

In search of drop of water wandering in mirage life yet not clear;

Finds in stars my goddess feeling mortified by calling her name,

Batool is model moral to call her “Virtuous” in hope for her fame.





Life is not as we take it, decidedly, in vogue under definite Ordain,

Tiding through ups and downs, careworn addressed through mind;

One is born alone, lives alone during thorny relations and alone dies,

Importance is fluxed in another person finding squalid way by cries;

Kindred to  trust, confidence and faith, besides,  in vogue Fidel aegis,

Claim based lies, ruin promise and Infidel relations aren’t boisterous;

Faith in heydays conquering the time and tide shall signpost intention,

Facing a taut state of affairs proves last goal achieved with no tension;

Gladness is a prejudiced phrase depending on excellence of own belief,

Beacon obliged as torch bearing cruelty nay does fructifies as a relief;

Who vested with fail-safe aspire set out to accomplish it in life plainly,

One grows up seeking mutual and reciprocal pangs not losing barely;

Special friends are selfless lovers seldom got in rest of the life Fairy,

Cognisence who divinely adore you to hold on and not a blow floury;

Broken can’t be glued in the garb of not thought-out in life accident,

Tent amount to waste of moment recovering reunion of once fervent;

Move on let be gone by be gone lest make life crazy and a mysterious,

Crush the force with double doesn’t holds good in love, brusqueness;

There can be no other Doomsday on earth but ignorance of virtuous,

Thy happy in heaven home not aware till adorer dies once righteous


World’s adoration detracts one in me thereto ignorance to a God,

Life  never fructify an eternity, in crisis own blood resort gnawed;

Strong people know how to play with and keep their life in an order,

Although tears dwell in eyes yet say with smile that they are armor;

How one ought to learn from conscious people an art of a true ethic,

During learning love remaining in heart till existence into an  arctic;

Where to a find reposing messiah drinking love-goblet drop by drop,

Inside my body every drop of blood does emit a Fidel adoration crop;

Seek extinction of the  very entity often dejected by dint of true love,

At times inside inner core, every so a lot with belief yielding as dove;

Decorating own forehead with scar assaulted during flower-of-craze,

Why fell in love! Deserve death with stoning as Batool found ablaze;

Affix each breath to truth of my Fidelity before Lords on Doomsday,

Nimmi home from heaven proved house of cards to make me astray;

Reiterate self promise to be strong but yield to, “sharp-mango-slice”,

Hazelnut, gazelle, gorgeous and an oceanic eyes getting heart excise;

Reminded umpteen times to look sunny side of love with optimism,

Reciprocate with ignorance-grind verdict myself in acute pessimism;

Forget mistakes of past and press on achievements of future in wits,

Retrograde memory starts missing messiah playing game of a swift;

Breathe reposing trust, faith and confidence in God then messiah His,

No divinity is responding inspite of struggle leaving my chest in quiz.




If someone asks you Batool who am I, straightway utter crazy outsider,

Dwells in my heart not to leave, acclaim to be enduring eternal insider;

Unimportant friendship based on fragile and strong fluctuating thread,

Based on lie half true and half false, dream woven over imagine spread;

Mimic a flower of cold shoulder dry stuff, by an imagination unsought,

Imitate mine with a weird wonderful relation in reality a factual fiction,

Some lunatic, a little my adorer vested with divine covert love in apron;

Just a good excuse for life’s best friend when he is away seems nothing,

Rebirth in this world is impossible even than thy owe life to me baffling;

He swears an oath before Lord in whose hand is his life, remain sincere,

Adoration par excellence a care in love notify divine and witted austere;

Mainly definitely we try by means of jeopardy and starving to a hunger,

With pasting of worldly wise wares of lives and outgrowth of a ambler;

Decidedly, give glad tiding to those who tolerantly akin maim persevere,

It exhibits crusading of valour neither less nor more reward in besmear;

Zaffar in search of man possessed with bad deeds, failed to find a man,

Covert heavenly peep into interior of a heart found no such himself can;

Life guides a gentleman onto dreadful character entity drifting to a hell,

Setting amidst flowing stream of volcano with sins with bad deed swell;

A self praise with self fondness with stubbornity is itself a jealous goal,

Enwrought him in dead conscience solitude captivation in eternal gaol;

Incarcerating engulfs adorers fate abysmal in limbo unclaimed entity,

Paragon virtuous shall swell divinity till Jesus Christ arrive certainty;

Lord sent a home not house Nimmi from heaven used for Batool dwell,

Thy not aware of being confer with messiah not title, a timeless indwell.